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    To @vintagedicee

    Yes, I love vintage, maybe because I am vintage. Love beautiful classic styles. Today's styles for the younger generations do not always work for me. Beautifully wrapped and carefully packaged. Felt like it was my birthday! Love the jewelry gift! Thank you !

    Apr 28
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    To @vintagedicee

    Love it! Fits perfect and is beautiful. Thank you ❤️

    Apr 22
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    To @kristiepalmer

    - Kristie Thank You, I can’t wait to style up my baby with her new pieces :) • A+ Seller • Very responsive • Awesome deals + • Fast shipping Xo I’m a Satisfied buyer.

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    To @shiseidabeeler

    Simply Lovely. Great Shopping Experience From beginning to end. • Great communication/ Very responsive • Packaged with Care • Fast shipping! I am satisfied with my purchase :) Thank you <3