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Ivy's Closet


shabe@veecloset Hi, are the shoes for sale too?
veecloset@shabe i can list them for you if ur interested =)
eilaI'm usually a 6.5-7.
veecloset@eila same here, im usually 6.5-7 as well and this pair fits me fine
veecloset@ab7094 surw, i will post a pic of me wearing it later. It fits true to size, but it has strech to it =)
veecloset@ab7094 please see the last photo =)
kathleenlyIs this still available? If so, can you model it?
veecloset@kathleenly yes, and please see last photo =)
gconwayHow long is it?
veecloset@gconway i think it's approximately 20" drop with 2" extender.
veecloset@barbieme911 not really, but if anyone can offer $2000 I'd consider it ;)
carly1990I love the bag selling it
andineHave to ask how you like your RM Cupid? ☺
veecloset@andine love it, very functional and love the design :)
tifnys@veecloset is this made by free PEPOLE or could I see inside Thanks
clizabethCan you please measure the waist band while laying flat?
veecloset@clizabeth i will do that when i get home tonight =)
crystalkrahnHa I wish I would have seen this before I bought the pants! I could have bundled! This is super cute!
veecloset@crystalkrahn and I just dropped off the package an hour ago :(. Let me know if ou see something else you like. It's more worthwhile if you add up to 25 as shipping cost will be lower :)
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