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Vivi's Closet


tokyoatl@nlopez2007 : This was originally listed for $60. Still amazing discount as new without tag. I can lower to $40 and you will get a discount shipping from Poshmark when you check out. 😊
nlopez2007Thanks for your promptness. I think I will wait, in hopes that maybe u will go lower as time passes.
vintagestatus👑Congrats on HP!👑
ajceraso🎉 congrats 🎉on your 🌹💗🌹 romantic💗️style 🌹💗🌹
tokyoatl@gordomom : Hi there michelle! It's 38.5 in euro size. 😊 I can give you a great discount!
gordomomOh bummer - I'm usually 39.5 or I would totally pick these up. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!! 😍💝
debbie043059Congratulations on your Host Pick for the Date Night Party🎉👏🎉👏 Sharing with my followers🌸🌸🌸
sakshi9984"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." —Kate Spade . Congrats on your Date Night Party HP
jcc0211Are there any stains in the under arm area? Would you mind taking a close up?
tokyoatl@jcc0211 : Absolutly no stains. it's clean :)
casualglamHello Love @tokyoatl ! Would you consider a trade? 💕
kreungasPls tag me if you ever sell that awesome top! Thanks 😃
tokyoatl@oliviarose611 : I can if you bundle with others! $19 is the lowest for this item alone.
lafoi2750Very interested but want to bundle. Can you tag me when you post new items.?
tokyoatl@krdixon : I think this is 2/4.
tokyoatl@sansouci125 : I've originally listed $60 so that is the best I can do... Please let me know here first if you are okay with my offer so I can lower the price for you to get a shipping discount from PM. This doesn't apply at "offer" side.
tokyoatl@jljohnson625 : I see, sorry but I don't have anything but solid black at this moment.
jljohnson625Ok, thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
tokyoatl@cmarshall38 : Thanks girl. I'm glad you guys had fun! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge on spring break. We never get over disney trip fever. Leaving on Tue, so exciting to see my family. Have a great summer Chandra. 😘
lorenad_21Congrats on hosting! I just shared your beautiful closet. Please stop by my closet for possible host picks? Thanks so much :)
laineagardI typically don't "like" if I cannot buy (not my size) but I just have to say you have the CUTEST shoes in ALL of your outfits!! 😍
browniegirl67Great closet. I will shop here soon. You are about my size.😀
isabellascloset@tokyoatl Awesome Closet 🎀I'm also in ATL 😊
cpmelody@tokyoatl Hi! I'm curious if you have any tips or suggestions on how to receive Host Picks for the parties?
soghantsangI love this stone ! What is it ? Natural ? @tokyoatl
tokyoatl@soghantsang : Yes this is natural agate power stone. Please view my feedback (from About next to my pic). Everybody is very happy with these blacelet. 😊
tokyoatl@donnadeagan : Thank you! I'll ship it tomorrow. 📦
donnadeaganDonnadeagan@tokyoatl .. Thx! Can't wait to get it!! I can't believe u never wore it??
tokyoatl@caseycole2984 : Hope you got a discount. I've got an email from PM to give you and other two posher liked this item. I will ship it tomorrow :)
caseycole2984No discount but do like pants, thank you
tokyoatl@icylass : hmm, it's tough to tell for me but I did look this brand on Anthropologie's website. They have 4 sweaters right now and everybody is mostly saying "true to size" if not run large.
tokyoatl@jmjosefs : here you go!
tokyoatl@jenkeller71 : Thank you for your purchase! I will ship it tomorrow :)
jenkeller71Thank you! I love this 😍😍
tokyoatl@wee_wee19 : Welcome to Poshmark Stephanie! POSHMARK does not support trade. It cause too much problem and dramas. I highly recommend to sell your VS item here. Pink sells very well here too so you will get a lot of attention. Please let me know once you lists so I can help spread your closet to my followers. Good luck!
pinkstilettos28My fave feature thus far 🙏
tokyoatl@wrigley22 : I just lower the price by $5. PM will still charge but I'll pay for it instead.
skyerandiLove this! Do you mind if I use it on my page?
emory1975@tokyoatl, thank you so much!! Can't wait to wear this!! 😀💕
tokyoatl@emory1975 : it's gorgeous! What a steal! I'll ship it tomorrow. 😊
chenl10036@hmehta30 yeah. If I don't like it. I'll let you know.
hmehta30@chenl10036 thanks! I purchased the off white one- but pls still let me know if you do my sis would want it!
tokyoatl@aazukeema : Yes, omg I can't believe I didn't put this key word..lol Thanks :)
tokyoatl@jantt_2001 : Thank you! I will mail it tomorrow :)
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