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Tai's Closet


goodvibetribeI have a VS bundle, not these items but you can switch them out in the store for store credit (:
newwhitnnitateWould you do 8 for the flower pink and galaxy?
tclay1996@newwhitnnitate No, sorry I'm looking to keep them all together :(
mermaidmary@tclay1996 hi again I'm sorry but she tried wear blouse & to big, can we exchange for something else only if u have xs mi daughter is 10,
sickwickedradthat's fine :-))
tclay1996@sickwickedrad Hey, I'm so super sorry!!! 😭😣😣😞 I totally forgot to add your picture for you... But here it is, and if you're still interested I can do $23 for you cause that's what the price was when you inquired about it!
tclay1996@alysha_worthen No, you're supposed to wash them in cold inside out. It says it on the tag of the shirt too :)
alysha_worthen@tclay1996 Great! I normally do that with all my shirts with stuff on the outside.
nallely_cast_If Iwant this shirt like the 2nd photo in 2x can you do ?
tclay1996@nallely_cast_ No, I'm sorry I can only do them like the first :(
tclay1996@meme2323 I don't discount unless bundled, so it would be $15
meme2323Bummer that's to much for me right now thank u tho:)
tclay1996@chica337 Yeah of course :) which two would you like? And what size?
chica337yay! :) The floral chanel perfume in the white tank top, and your white chanel drip logo tank top (black logo on white shirt). Both in small.
ella_franta17For my friends birthday I want to get her something Michael related can you please make something for me. My price range is around $25😊
fireproof_130Do u have just regular tshirts, not crop tops? If so are those $10 too?
yasmin16@tclay1996 okay that sounds great!
uh_liciahey is this still available? if so, what brand sweatshirt do you use? also, is the iron-on applique really stiff or does it look like almost professional and not ironed-on (if you know what i'm trying to say) :)
cdeangelis16Would you trade at all for this? Please let me know!
tclay1996@cdeangelis16 Sorry, I don't trade but I do discount on bundles! :)
athena1313OMG want can you lower the black a white one
tclay1996@athena1313 i'm sorry, the price is firm unless bundled :(
lilpixiechelCan you post pictures of all the shirt styles? Even if they're blank, I just want to see the shapes of each shirt.
maddieburkeeeAre you still making these?
bootzyboook yes plz tag n bundle n for both large ull do 24 ?
tclay1996@bootzyboo Yeah, no problem :) give me a sec
quivan23I'd like to buy this sweater. I can pay for it now... How long before I receive it?
tclay1996@quivan23 If I ship it tomorrow, it will probably take the post office till Tuesday or Wednesday to get to you!
toffeelover32Ok I will think about it and tell u tomorrow
toffeelover32Could u please bundle the donut shirt and this tee please
cchristinnAre you willing to trade?
tclay1996@cchristinn I'm sorry, I do not trade, but I do discount on bundles! :)
tclay1996@sapphire11 Well it would actually be $30 unless you wanted it off the shoulder! :)
sapphire11No its pretty cold where I live at ! lol but tomorrow you will have 30 dollars! Im so happy to bad they dont come in toddlers !
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