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Tania's Closet


krisca27These are incredible 💕
ashbabii92Will trade for a few custom designed dresses!! Will be designed and made to your order!
tlovehawaii♥️glasses #1 too!
fashlvr@tania_sarin hi I love these pants ! Looking at your site also. How much are they I'm not seeing the price
onyxandorchid💖✨Perfect host pick for the Breathtaking Style party!! Love it!! Congrats!! ✨💖
elizabeth15890I'm just trying to help some poshers out. There is this new app called M/e/r/c/a/r/i, and they take 0% away from your sales, so what you sell for is what you get! If you use the sign up code EVYBFY when you sign up, you get $15 in free credits to spend on whatever you like on the app.
dianakarendo they run true to size or bigger? what size do you normally wear?
lizzette31Where did you get these from ?? .. Sz 7 in women or kids ?
chloeecoxI'm still interested in buying
tania_sarin@chloeecox sorry very busy - it's a high waisted belt you wear with skirts/pants
tania_sarin@krispao what's wrong with the shoes?
krispao@tania_sarin they are more worn that you describe them to be. The heel is really worn and the gold plated is really sratchy. (Badly) Im sorry but i trust your justement. I know the price is low but i wont use them. Because of contitions. So i better return.
heelee0603What color is it? The photo is actual color? Thank you :)
tania_sarin@babykaye17 yes it's a 0. No it's not a jegging- no stretch
xosparklydoll@tania_sarin your closet is amazing!! And your super pretty! You need to become my new bff so i can share all your fab clothes ;))
kristyg21Hello. What is the heel height? Also, the pics are real dark... Is it a platform toe?
tania_sarin@kristyg21 I think 4.5-5 and yes
vtviolet@tania_sarin hey girl I received the clutch, much bigger then I thought.. I thought it would be size of a magazine. I'm sorry can I return it?
tania_sarin@vtviolet the photo posted shows how big the clutch is- u would need to notify poshmark.
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