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Tania's Closet


cc4c@tania_sarin love! Silk? Or jersey knit rayon? In love! So me!
tania_sarin@cc4c I ripped the details off :/ it's a really soft material- I believe it's suede mixed with something else. Feels amazing
tania_sarin@mayakim612 please change your payment info- I accepted your offer
mayakim612Working on it right now!!!
whadduhhppOne last one, is this Miami mint or Santa Rosa splash? I can't tell from the photo
tania_sarin@whadduhhpp I don't know. Doesn't say on the suit.
elizabeth15890I'm just trying to help some poshers out. There is this new app called M/e/r/c/a/r/i, and they take 0% away from your sales, so what you sell for is what you get! If you use the sign up code EVYBFY when you sign up, you get $15 in free credits to spend on whatever you like on the app.
lynnavanWhat are the dimensions
chavela1971Hi can u post pics of the bottom and the heel part? Like to see the condition they r in. I'm a serious buyer.
tania_sarin@chavela1971 I can get the bottom resoled for you as well as the heel. I will take it to my shoe repair if you're interested
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