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Talia's Closet


taliaamy@leila_amezquita thank you! I hope you find something you like ❤️
taksI like your name :) Mines the same...not to many people with this name!
torysfindsyes if the price is right :)
taliaamy@torysfinds because this item is brand new, I would prefer to keep my price ❤️
jilliankaThank you! Love them...will save in my likes! I wear a 6!!
taliaamy@jillianka okay sounds great! 😊❤️
taliaamy@lovefool are you interested in your likes?❤️💛
taliaamy@_marianne are you interested in your likes? :)
bombshell40Do you have a picture of the bottoms? Are there any flaws?
taliaamy@bombshell40 no visible marks and I posted a photo ❤️❤️
taliaamy@ariyanka thanks! Are you interested?❤️❤️❤️
ariyankaI love it; however, I wear S or M In skirts 😢
lovestoryshopLOVE this item!!!✨😍✨Well deserved Host Pick indeed!👌Congratulations doll!!💐✨Wishing for a speedy sale!!!✨💜😘
taliaamy@foxyyteen are you still interested? ❤️😊
lovelycyn@taliaamy Trade for my Zara's?
taliaamy@lovelycyn thank you for your interest but I do not do trades ❤️❤️❤️
taliaamy@birdiebird okay!! Thank you for getting back to me 💙💛❤️
anribAhhh still trying to lose weight so I can fit in this beautiful piece of clothing! 😂
valentiinevang@taliaamy ..hi! measurements of trousers please?
taliaamy@valentiinevang the waist is about 26in and the inseam is about 28inches. And the waist also has a cinched back so it fits well and adjusts naturally
salenaluSo cute! I have this same dress in a different pattern in black and I absolutely adore it!
akobik90Could you maybe post different pictures of the dress at different angles?
taliaamy@akobik90 only in a different color - I posted it anyway for you ❤️❤️❤️
chandaraI am I'm afraid its not gonna fit me right. What's the lowest can u do?
taliaamy@chandara I would prefer to keep my price but you can always put an offer in and I can try come to a compromise 😊
taliaamy@ellam this is my lowest❤️
taliaamy@ellam sorry I read a different comment on a different post and responded to u by accident on here 😂 the waist fits a 24/25 inch waist.
taaylor_oatesWould u do 30?:)
taliaamy@taaylor_oates I'm sorry but that's much too low of an offer, and I would Prefer to keep it at my price ❤️
taliaamy@kenzie3c very true to size 💛
e11iedWhat is the length of the dress from bust to hem?
hannebanana22@taliaamy sounds perfect! Thanks for the help
taliaamy@hannebanana22 actually I have the tshirt here at school! I can ship as soon as you purchase ❤️
taliaamy@valejacobs are you interested in your likes? 😊❤️
taliaamy@rnatalie615 are you interested in your likes?❤️
joannyangYes I'm def interested what's the lowest you will go?
taliaamy@joannyang I would prefer to keep my price but you can always put in an offer ❤️❤️❤️
taliaamy@kourtniii are you interested in your likes ? 😊❤️❤️
taliaamy@ninalivii are you interested in your likes? ❤️❤️
snowcreeksI'm interested in this and the American eagle leopard shoes- I can offer $35.
taliaamy@snowcreeks this and the leopard shoes would come to $48 and I would be happy to give them to you for $43.
faithkristinas@taliaamy I will probably wait on the shoes. That's ok on the shirt. I'm not in a huge rush. Would you be interested in trading the shirt for anything in my closet?
taliaamy@faithkristinas okay sounds good, and I unfortunately I don't do trades ❤️
faithkristinas@taliaamy how much could you bundle this and your navy and white striped aerie top for?
taliaamy@faithkristinas it would total to $32 but because it would take me a week to ship (it's at home and in at school) I would give it to you for $28
taliaamy@ramdes1990 yes I can have it shipped on Saturday if that works for you ❤️
taliaamy@ramdes1990 are you still interested?
jjackson0308@taliaamy if you have anything. Similar to this again please let me know:)
taliaamy@jjackson0308 this is available but because I'm at school and it's at home, the shipping would be delayed
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