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Jess's Closet


sherriesharley@swishandswoon 💞💘🎉🎇😍😘 Congratulations on your Laid Back GLAM Party Host Pick 01/29/15! Your Splendid Sense of Fashion is Ever- changing, Always Evolving! Thanks for sharing your closet with us! 😍😘Sher @sherriesharley💞💘🎆🎉🎇🎇
sakshi9984Congrats on your Beautiful HP
ginap7777Congratulations on your Beautiful Host Pick!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
dgreendesigns✨✨💖Congrats on your Girly Girl Party HP💖✨✨!!
angelabernard1I do love them, but I'm definitely a 25. Please tag me if you get more :-) thank you, Hun!
sillyslurrsHi. Will u take $100?
swishandswoon@kimcloe I haven't listed it yet, but I have a black blouse with white stars. Lmk if you are interested:)
kimcloe@swishandswoon thanks for letting me know! I think I'm gonna wait for a while to purchase. thanks again!!
drea_mHi there! Would you please tag me if you ever get any white Current/Elliotts? Loved the pair I got from you so would love some in white. Thanks!!
anabel22😩I just checked my size 2 and I think a 1 would be too small for me!!😪Let me know if you have size 2 please. 😬
swishandswoon@anabel22 Awww bummer! I'll let you know if I get it back in stock in your size👌
swishandswoon@twiggy113 the jackets have a similar fit but I loved the white one so much I kept one for myself. I think you'll be happy either way:)
julia_michelle@swishandswoon is the first picture of the jacket?
swishandswoon@julia_michelle thanks for asking:) it's the 2nd and third picture. The first picture is the same jacket but tan:)
swishandswoon@abbiegow2 I really think it's personal preference. If you were a xs/s then I would say it would be too large. But due to the cut and style of this jacket the sizes are more flexible:)
swishandswoon@ballardia I'm so sorry I'm sold out of medium.
myvanityclosetCongratulations on your beautiful host pick! 💐🌸🍁🌷🎉💟🍸🍷👏
fifig23Congratulations on your Fashion Flashback host pick!! 🎉👍👯
itslwlGreat concept with the insta logo!
jcc0211Love your closet!!!!! So pro and chic =)
indianaCan you tell me more about the marks?
swishandswoon@indiana yes! So I didn't notice the marks when I bought it:(. It looks like possibly makeup and a faint pen mark? I really don't know since i bought it like this. Sorry I don't have more specific info.
twiggy113I got my new bundle today and it is by far my favorite poshmark purchase! Thanks so much! Now--I definitely want the joie sneaks, but I'm wondering if this is a more fitted style bc I'm usually a medium.
swishandswoon@twiggy113 yay I'm so glad you love it! You have amazing taste:). So, Brett blouses are more tailored and the signature blouses are oversized. If you would like me to measure for you I would be happy to do so! I hope that answers your question let me know if you have any more questions:)
twiggy113I keep missing your comments! But yeah! I'm gonna go for it! If you can do $165, in all in :)
swishandswoon@twiggy113 ok I'll put these together for you:). So weird about the comments!
oliviarossA delayed congratulations is due for this wonderful item! Great HP!!!👠💄🎀
twiggy113I'm thinking a bundle with this beauty!
julia_michelle@swishandswoon man oh man why does everything I like get sold!! I need to save up money so I can purchase my likes from you immediately!
swishandswoon@julia_michelle I do have this jacket in a size 3, my last one! 😉
annelibugI just love your photos! Such a pretty way to display everything! Great closet :)
swishandswoon@annelibug thanks so much!!
swishandswoon@eisforeternity great question! The picture of the tag in this post is of a small that I already sold. The dress I have for sale is a medium😘
eisforeternityOh ok thanks im really interested! Are you willing to negotiate a little on the price?
swishandswoon@twiggy113 that's so cool!! Love it there:)
gumbob@swishandswoon - Hi....odd question. I love the dress in your profile pic. Who makes it? 😉
chaboomy❄️What would snow day be without this beauty!! Congrats on your well deserved Host Pick!! Cheering you on for a quick sale! 💃 ❄️
aliciahaney❄️ Nothing says Warm🔥 N' Cozy like this fabulous piece!! Congrats on your Snow Day HoSt PiCk 😘
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