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!!! swap (y)our wardrobe

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Newport, RI
velvet is my favorite color.

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Rhode Island College
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    To @swapdrobe

    So awesome and cooperative! Super sweet and easy to work with. ❤️

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    To @swapdrobe

    This fits like a juniors large. I am a womens large (2 different animals). Excellent jacket that will now be my neices Christmas Present 😉

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    To @duhda

    AWESOME shoes and bag! Love the bracelet and buds too! Let's totally keep in touch, lady! Let me know if you ever list any shoes that are my size or bags and I'd be happy to make you another pretty necklace <3 Have a wonderful week!

    Mar 28
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    To @swissmiss03

    Was looking forward to coming home to these pretties, and I was not disappointed! 😍 Thanks again for a perfect swap, and let's totally keep in touch! 😘 Now, to make a ton of pretty things 🧜

    Mar 26