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Beadsrme's Closet


jvru827@sumarlina3 hi! I would love to purchase these and the black ones, could you do 28 for both?
sumarlina3@jvru827 hi yes both pairs are available I can do $32 for both pairs they are beautiful leather and in great condition...I can bundle as soon as u decide
jvru827@sumarlina3 hi! Love these. Are these and the white ones still avail? How much would it be to bundle?
sumarlina3@kellyd5 I will trade with you 😊
kellyd5@sumarlina3 I must have liked this when I was browsing posh at 3am. I do this all the time. Sometimes i accidentally buy things as well. I cannot afford that but thank you!!'
katinathomasAre they true to size or run more like a 9
sumarlina3@kaitlin419 I wear 8.5 and they are just a little big on me
gaby1012@sumarlina3 Hi, are these sandals still available? Also, what's the high heels? Thanks
sumarlina3@gaby1012 hi yes these are available...the height is 3 inches high 😊
sumarlina3@ceckley123 Hi I've been reducing these since day 1....I already took off $200 and more. What's the price you were thinking? Cause these are in perfect condition
sumarlina3@ceckley123 I can sell for $260
sumarlina3@nicole061281 I'm sorry for the delay thank you for being patient with me
nicole061281No problem at all, I hope it works out :)
hippystace@sumarlina3 kinda browsing for now...super cute though!
iriesmiHello I have the siren by Paris Hilton perfume you wanted in my closet(: only 10$ (: or 8$ through pp
sbr@sumarlina3 I'm often up for trades :-) Let me know if there's anything in particular you might be interested in.
sumarlina3@janiejane I can do $138 on these if your interested 👠
sumarlina3@kavero3279 I work full time I will do my best to send before monday
sumarlina3@kavero3279 I did not forget about you...the post office was closed Monday and tues I grabbed a box...they r ready to go sorry for the delay
sumarlina3I know there is a time difference but you will have tracking number soon
ber1314Thank u!
glamourgirlI'm so excited to get these! I'm off work tomorrow and will be making a Trip to the post office!!
glamourgirlI got them and they are soo cute!!! I haven't tried them on yet... How is everything in your area with all the bad weather/devastation?? I got 2 email notifications on shipping for your order (I thought was odd) Let me know how you like everything!!!
lpnmomvr@sumarlina3 you know I would have lived up to my word and bought it if she didn't. I just wanted u to get more $
sumarlina3@lpnmomvr I believe you would have! And thanks! 😊
chefjanI did but re bought it
alexisdoyalI have some Estēe Lauder items in my closet if anyone is interested
teresa_s@sumarlina3 OMG!! These are HOT!! Can't wait to wear them! Thank you for the earrings love them!
sumarlina3@teresa_s so glad you like everything! 💗
lilagc00@sumarlina3 i know you got your purse back and you haven't refund me my money i told you i would pay you for the shipping but its been a few days you got your purse and still no money if i don't get my money soon i will call the cops and file a report
lilagc00@sumarlina3 and you deleted the post too thats no very nice thats called stealing
sumarlina3@robin045 hi these are all packed up for you and I'm heading out to post office in a little bit!
sumarlina3@rasmith92207 hi you should receive your shoes today 😊
angelynne3Let me know when your ready and ill lower the price to 0$
sumarlina3@angelynne3 I will bundle tonight and send tomorrow ok🌷 Thank you!
mswhite56@sumarlina3 Susann, just received the Prada shoes which are beautiful and fit PERFECTLY! Also, I LOVE the necklace; it was SO thoughtful of you!😘 You are a very talented young woman!! I hope we can stay in touch!!😍😉👵👠💋
sumarlina3@mswhite56 Oh you got them? Yay!! I'm glad you love them💗!!!! So glad they found a good home! 💕😊 I also Wanted to tell you I love your new profile picture!!! Classy Lady! 🌺We will definately stay in touch!!!! 😘😘💕
teresa_s@sumarlina3 beautiful as promised! Thank you for the earrings, very pretty and so thoughtful of you. I am going to enjoy both!
sumarlina3@teresa_s Yay! You got them! So glad it arrived safely! 💖💕💕
britta2483Love love love these!!!!! Thnks sweetie! Feel free to do this again sometime!! ;)
sumarlina3@britta2483 I'm so happy you like them!!!!
amp1667Thank you sweetie! I'm your friend too and I will purchase more stuff from you in the future! ;-)
sumarlina3@amp1667 Thank you! And I'll try to be more accurate! 💕
sumarlina3@jnnfrndrd It's ready for you...will you make the listing for both items and charge me $6?
sumarlina3@jnnfrndrd it's ready 😊
marcialaffertyHey girl have you been able to send these out yet?
sumarlina3@marcialafferty hi yes they were sent yesterday did you get confirmation email?
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