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Jordan's Closet


stonefoxx0x0@lynncapri I'm moving so I don't have time to ship with posh right now, but when I get settled into my new home I'll let you know so you can offer again if you want to buy them.
lynncapriOkay Thanks
stonefoxx0x0@ridinghood13 it's dark grey like the pants
ridinghood13Perfect. Just wanted to make sure it was not royal blue. 😊
cherriforeverWhat % is cotton?
littlemisslysCould you tell me the style number on the tag? I would really appreciate it ❤️
jdallapeThanks for pics. Does the waist still have room to stretch? I'm on the border of sm/ med and don't want it to tight. Thanks
stonefoxx0x0@jdallape oh definitely, the band is complete elastic.
kellykneerSad, I really like that one! So I understand why you'd want to keep it ;). It's an awesome deal, so I'll purchase anyway. Is the other bra either vs or black heart?
stonefoxx0x0@kellykneer it's black heart, same style as the leopard one with roses just a different pattern 😊 I just got my boobs done and it's the only one that still fits and bras are so expensive, so I decided to keep it lol thanks for being so understanding!!
kittyrawrsmeow@stonefoxx0x0 K thanks for getting back to me
kittyrawrsmeow@stonefoxx0x0 Just a real bummer cuz we had a deal but a medical situation kept me off the sales sites so I couldn't send the funds at the time
kelly3737@stonefoxx0x0 hi, I'm just wondering if this has been shipped yet? Just getting a bit concerned as it's been week now 😒
stonefoxx0x0@kelly3737 yes I shipped it a couple of days ago, you should get it soon :)
jessraines@stonefoxx0x0 yes that will be fine where will it be shopping from? It's for my friends bday which is Friday but it doesn't matter of she gets it a little late
stonefoxx0x0@jessraines I ship from Virginia beach
bellalizeI'm really disappointed but I really don't understand what happened.
stonefoxx0x0@bellalize I don't know either, I've never seen that message pop up, did posh send you a message or email you?
denyc@stonefoxx0x0 yay! Can't wait for my pants thank you ❤️❤️❤️
stonefoxx0x0@denyc you're very welcome, I'll ship them out as soon as I can :)
stonefoxx0x0@miaerogers I sent them off a couple of days ago, have you got an update?
desiredclosetI have a ton of wildfox in my closet and some unlisted everything selling is new with tags and my prices are negotiable so if you see something you like put in an offer :)
stonefoxx0x0@jakkig123 yah I sent them, have you gotten an email yet?
jakkig123Have you marked them as sent through poshmark? Because it still says in process under my purchases
alohaneiiIt says that you have to cancel it :/ im really sorryy
stonefoxx0x0@alohaneii I cancelled it :) but it still says sold on the listing? So I guess I need to make a new one lol
stonefoxx0x0@chocoholic91 and a life lesson should be learned here, get your facts straight before you start spouting off accusations.
chocoholic91I apologize, because the ring is real it's just that it was extremely dirty, I got it cleaned and polished, and now it looks brand new and has some shine, but before it was way too dull, anyway thnx
stonefoxx0x0@sherristarcher I'd still like to know what style these are??😞
sherristarcherHi sorry! I don't know how I missed this. I'll sell these back to you for $45 if you want them. I only wore them once.
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