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Stephany🔫's Closet


juliafaith91Yes it is!!! I don't know if I have an occasion to wear it (Psh, who needs an occasion! :P) I don't see myself paying $50 though.
stephanyy@juliafaith91 you can wear this dress to the damn grocery store if you wanted ha, just throw on some cute gladiator sandals. There a little room for negotiation through the offer button but I purchased for about this much so I'm already losing out. It's still new with tags😄
hellobadkittyWhere are the jeans from? Looove
stephanyy@hellobadkitty hey girl🙋I got them off posh, but they don't have a brand😁
onyarw@stephanyy Thanks But I'm Going To Pass Right Now If They Are Still Available By The 1st I will Purchase Thanks For Your Time Hun😘
stephanyy@tmiller0238 it would be 27 for both plus a price drop to help with shipping😄
tmiller0238Ok let me know when there in 😉 and do you have any that have stones in them
martinagleiterCan I buy just a gold and silver nail ?
stephanyy@martinagleiter I onky have gold in stock at the moment, silver hasn't come in yet. Would you like to wait or would you like me to make a listing for the gold now?
stephanyy@stephchen94 I'll let you know as soon as they come in!☺️
stephanyy@tmiller0238 I have these (out of stock right now) and i have gold and rose gold love bangles coming in also with crystals :)
jent98OMG you have a cute closet ! :) I'll have to look through it tonight when my son goes down :) thank you !!!!
stephanyy@jent98 thanks so much!!♥️♥️
missalyssa777Beautiful sweater and great pairing with the leggings! Love your closet! 💕💕
bay707blue@stephanyy I want your heels girl! 👠😍 where did u get, brand? Much appreciated
arleenmI'm in love with it. I'll buy it as soon as my credits come through! ☺️
sjeischenCongratulations on a perfect party host pick!! I'm sharing it with my followers! 💞💞💞
jessmine@stephanyy Thank you so much for that. 😉 I'm bummed that they are not long enough for me, they're gorgeous! I'll be sharing them often!
stephanyy@jessmine no problem, thanks!
neelugOhhhh gotcha 😃
dopethreadedHello ☺️ I'm trying to help some people who are trying to down size there closet out here, there is their new app called mercarí and they take out 0% away from your sales, so what you sell is what you get 😊 you can sell whatever you want on there. Use the code ( EQWRWA ) when signing up and you get $15 to start you off that you can spend on anything 😀 If you do let know and I'll buy this off their
loveto_tradeSo you just lower the price and it does it automatically
stephanyy@loveto_trade you have to lower it by at least 10%
stephanyy@marie0296 I believe the bralette is a one size fits all but I would recommend for an A-B. I'm a C and it was a little small for me.
marie0296Okay, thank you very much.
14bebitoOr when they ask, "why so expensive?" Not knowing the item/brand. Or they don't seem to figure out how to use the "offer" button.
stephanyy@14bebito yup! Exactly🙈
stephanyy@ntaul oh crap I totally missed it!! Thanks girl!!♥️😍😘😘
ntaul@stephanyy My pleasure! It was my fault lol!! I didn't write anything when I tagged you😜.
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