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Sarah's Closet


dlinaja@smpark105 hi Hun by chance did you ship these beauties yet? I Cant wait to receive them..😳
dlinaja@smpark105 hi Hun sorry to keep bothering you but if your not going to ship I would like to know so u can cancel the purchase thanks
pamelam⛄️❄️⛄️❄️It's Christmas time - hearts are filled with love and joy - ❄️⛄️❄️⛄️let's add some excitement by celebrating ⛄️❄️⛄️❄️your HOST PICK❄️⛄️❄️⛄️ Wooooo Hoooooo!!! ⛄️❄️⛄️❄️CONGRATULATIONS!!!!⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️
ametzger🎉🎈🎉CONGRATS on this item being chosen as a Host's Pick for the Hot Holiday Style Party!:)❄🌟Merry Christmas:)❗🎈🎉
smpark105@karenal37 the problem is fixed, you can purchase now if you'd still like!
nikkieddingsWhat is the creed number on this coach? Can u post a pic of it please?
smpark105@k_m_r hello! Thanks for the offer, I've changed the price now!
k_m_r@smpark105 great! Purchasing now! What a great find.. such a classic piece.
mrsdiva703Your closet is on FIRE tonight! Congrats on the many HPs!
katz2🎉🎉Yay! Congratulations on your Casual Cool Party Host Pick.🎉🎉
mc_kealaMuch appreciated! Looking forward to receiving the package!
mc_kealaThank you for sending these in such a timely manner! Thanks for the personal note, too! Very nice! Aloha....
akshireyI really think I *MUST* have this!!
smpark105@akshirey Thanks for the purchase Anne :) I will package and ship this out tomorrow afternoon!
smpark105@lennyangela thank you so much for the purchase! I will ship then out next Tuesday!! Because I will be out of town this weekend :(
lennyangela@smpark105 thank you and have a great weekend ☺☺☺
grace_siuDid you know my cousin Bethany? She was in the pharmacy program at UOP. :)
smpark105@grace_siu yeah I knew of her! But I never got to know her personally!
mailifestyleWhat's da real price on this one?
smpark105@corgis @mailifestyle it's because I'm reserving it for someone!! Haha sorry for the confusion!
abruno9Got these today :) love them!! They fit like a glove! :) thanks girl :)
smpark105@abruno9 thanks for the purchase :) I am really glad it fits and you like the item!
smpark105@sallyiyuito by the way, please don't forget to hit the item accepted button under your purchases tab!
sallyiyuitoOk thanks
smpark105@model_carmelmc oh no! Maybe u can get them tailored into straight/skinny legs so u can wear them cuffed/rolled up? I'm sorry it didn't work out :(
model_carmelmcYeah 😔it's a bummer. I might. They fit great on my butt and legs lol just a tad short lol
breana91@smpark105 how do I leave feedback? I love the scarves!!!
smpark105@breana91 I don't think you can leave feedbacks but I am so glad you like the scarves :) I hope you enjoy them!
afolch@smpark105 love them and they fit great! Many thanks 😊
smpark105@afolch I'm so glad! I love the ankle strap part, but too bad it don't fit me!! I'm glad you enjoy them :)
dlle1231Hey sweetie, I still have not received the boots yet~ I was hoping to get it yesterday so I can do the "accepting". You see, I don't have an I phone and was using my moms. She's leaving today. Hopefully I can explain to her clearly enough... just in case, please don't be alarmed when it takes a little time. Thanks~
smpark105@dlle1231 thanks for letting me know :) you might be able to check through using poshmark.com! I sent the boots out on Tuesday so give it a few more days and hopefully you'll get it soon!
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