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Sherri's Closet


slnewcomb@scatteredjoy well I never wore it I was about a size 10 when I bought it . It's not fitted
scatteredjoyThank you @slnewcomb ! :-)
naycarHowever .. They're stretch jeans... I buy Lucky Brand because they are one of the few designers that do not usually use stretch denim But that's okay.. Still , I love my POSH! And Thank You ... For your offer , and my purchase! FABULOUS!!!!
slnewcomb@brookemaack ok go to FAQ scroll down till u find where u got wrong thing If u dint want to mess with that send mine back and write in a corner how much it cost u and I'll send u correct one and postage sorry for a mix up.
brookemaackI honestly don't even feel like going through the hassle. I'll just keep this one if it's okay with you @slnewcomb
alexamulneeCould you raise the price to $80 and them lower it to $10 so I get discounted shipping? Will pay now
slnewcomb@trace0721 I think it's like 2 percent spandex I can look in morning I'm not home now
trace0721Ok. Thank u
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