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Sarah's Closet


acoleman69Are you going to send me the other half of our trade??
acoleman69?? Still waiting on this and the bandeau.
sarah_kelly@acoleman69 awhh i would but im actually not selling the red one anymore :/ im sorry! But is there anything else you like or are looking for? I do have more items i havnt listed!
sarah_kelly@acoleman69 if you would like, i also have really cute bandeaus that have cute prints on them, i have like 4 or five so if you want to do this tank the white bandeau, ill add one of the printed ones in there for free! I can post a pic so u can choose which color
ipiccirillowell idk .. I mean I don't really know about the maroon . only certain jeans fit me .. umm I'll take like 38 ? idk
elvia1002Trade my likes
sarah_kelly@elvia1002 the only thing im really interested in is your miss me jeans
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