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Jaclyn's Closet


supstormy@queenmab236 for real!! Seriously considering these ☺️☺️
queenmab236@supstormy I'm open to offers through the offer button😉 or even though here but the offer option is much more convenient. Do you plan on posting any items?
erh723Ok cool. Thanks!
susancathcart@queenmab236 I saw ur measurements how did u get them if coat was not laying flat ? Also could u get me armpit-armpit measurement wearing it. Thx u
queenmab236@lexiiijens Freepeoplesantabarbara😉
lexiiijenshttp://www.freepeople.com/Rendering-Clog/?cm_mmc=RKG-MobileUS-_-Google-_-Brand-none-_-free_people_rendering_clog&adpos=1t1&creative=60410252706&device=m&matchtype=e&network=g&gclid=CKaygryG3sMCFZCEaQodqxkAFw# found them!
vintagestatus👑Congrats on HP!👑
ajceraso🎉 congrats 🎉on your 🌹💗🌹 romantic💗️style 🌹💗🌹
danii96@queenmab236 nice closet! How much for the late spade rose pastel earrings and this makeup bag?
queenmab236@danii96 Thank you! Taking 10% off for bundling 2 items would be $44+$53=$97 and minus 10%=$87. How does that sound and then I go up 15% bundling 3 items, 25% on 4 listings😉
gracejones3Why so much for a pair of earrings?
queenmab236@gracejones3 Hi Grace, that's because they are Kate Spade and retail at $58 which is a lot but it's truly because the quality is much nicer then forever 21. I hope that helps your question☺️.
hephhhWhich color are you selling the dark or the light- the wording is a little confusing I love the light would you be willing to trade?
queenmab236@hephhh Hi, this is for the lighter color sweater just like the last pics. Thank you for telling me about my typo that was definitely confusing😜
queenmab236@susanabe I'm jealous you have the white😂. I want it in a M for coming up for spring.
susanabe@queenmab236 Sweetheart, I'd take every small FP skirt you have if I could! Lol, my whole closet is FP! Problem, with all my yoga, I need a med (or large) in tops & dresses (unless they're over-sized). When I'm making money, believe me, I'm buying either on eBay or here!
queenmab236@kelzangel05 Hi Kelly, it runs a little big but that's just because it's supposed to be oversized like the pic shows😊.
jkingvegasVery very prettybut way outta my budget
queenmab236@lorrainicles Honestly the pictures don't even do it justice! I don't even want to sell but I truly need M😭
lorrainiclesI TOTALLY get you. I have a whole huge selection of things I don't want to get rid of, but also don't wear and should reeeeally sell since I need the money 😩
queenmab236@susancathcart No, just the skirt but I will definitely tag you Susan if I see it😊. What size are you looking for?
susancathcart@queenmab236 preferably in an xl or a large. Free people is weird with their sizing. I appreciate it
arianashallmanLet me know if you'd possibly want to trade for something!!
madiemayaWould you be up for a trade?:)
spicebeige22Congrats on a FAB HPick!❤️❤️💔❤️💋👠👠❤️❤️💄💄💋💋
jfuncheonPlease check out my closet! :)
projectrunwayᑕOᑎGᖇᗩTᑌᒪᗩTIOᑎᔕ Oᑎ YOᑌᖇ ᒪOᐯEᒪY ᕼOᔕT ᑭIᑕK 👗👠👛
sherriesharley@queenmab236 😍😘Congratulations on your Traditional Style Host Pick 01/09/15! Your Selection will always be In-Style with your Traditional Sense of Fashion! Ever- changing, always evolving, your Traditional Flair will always be there! Thanks for sharing your closet with us! 😍😘Sher @sherriesharley
queenmab236@mrock33 Yes! The sleeve flare is 6" lying flat.
mrock33@queenmab236 thanks for all your help doll. I'm going to keep it in my favorites and think about it. Just nervous about the size. It is an adorable top. 🌸
queenmab236@whitfpa 2.5" in diameter and the circumference is 8". I'm sorry😜 that was silly of me to not give you both measurements!
whitfpaThanks...i really like them but they are to big.
queenmab236@mkendlehart Hi, this is true to size. The bottom has elastic so it does make it a little bit roomier but the sleeves make it true to size😊. I hope that helps!
queenmab236@mkendlehart I added the measurements to the description😊
queenmab236@feliece Hi! I'm sorry to say I only have the bracelet. The price is not firm if you care to make an offer😊
herparallaxomg I forgot to HP you tonight. AHHHH! I'm so lame. Next time for sure.
vrpena🎉🎊🎈Congratulations on your well deserved Hostpick!! This is so wonderful! I hope it sells tonight!🎈🎉🎊
potytta@queenmab236 congratulations!!! Gorgeous HP!!! 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉
queenmab236@cherri99 Me too😭 I will def tag you if I see one on here!
ewhitLove Love Love this look! And I adore your closet!
queenmab236@xoxo_aew Hi Alyssa, it's marked a size 8 which I believe is right in between a medium and large. I have some measurements in the description but I can take more though if it would help😊.
xoxo_aewAwesome I'll check it out! Thanks :)
cathyreischman@bell0709 whatever is easiest for you my dear friend or, I can just do those two items for right now and if the other suits are available next wednesdsy, I will purchase them also, because the black pant suit is to die for........ it's very classy , to wear with or without the jacket. The great thing is, I can wear 8-10 and, sometimes even 6, it's funny.... so if u would be ok with that it would work for me.
bell0709@cathyreischman this is not my closet
janabarksdale@ryleenr Mamma if you're looking for something to spend your Posh funds on how about this and we can share it? LOL💖😘
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