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Mandy 👗🎀💜's Closet


peterama70687@bsquirth ugh! I just went to the post office to inquire about your package! After a much too long convo.... They never shipped it! It literally sat on their counter. I've NEVER had that happen! They apologized profusely saying its never happened before etc. so glad I followed up! It's on it's way TODAY!
bsquirth@peterama70687 well thank u for taking care of it
peterama70687@paigeob112 interested love? Price is negotiable!
celebcreationwill be having our first fashion show We would love for you to attend plz contact us for info:) thanks
walker613That's awesome! Thank you:)
peterama70687@walker613 this package was just returned to me for some reason! I requested a new label and will ship it tomorrow! I've never had that happen, so sorry!!!!
christy1985For fixing the shoes they charge 30 maybe you can fix them for cheaper
peterama70687@christy1985 oh jeez that sounds awful. How about I just decline your payment and you can toss them or donate them? I'm not very good at fixing things.
peterama70687@sschaech just shipped!! I should have told you there's a cute coral skirt in my closet from the same boutique!
sschaechThank you!! You're an awesome posher 😀
peterama70687@mrsjsinger shipped today! Yesterday my rinkadink post office was out of boxes! How does that happen?!
mrsjsingerLmao that's funny!! Thank you ;)
jess_kuhh@mimi990 I noticed you purchased these almost a year ago. You wouldn't happen to be re-selling them, would you? haha I know I know that is horrible to ask! But I have been looking for these in a size small for what seems like forever!
peterama70687@jess_kuhh sorry love they were my only pair!!
claudia0213I forgot to ask u if the heel in good condition ?
peterama70687@claudia0213 heels are perfect! I just took pics for you! I just noticed a small chip so look at that pic too, you can't notice it when you're wearing them. I only wore those shoes once for event inside.
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