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Hope bundle & save's Closet


pebbles1008@creativelyasym If it's the three pairs of pants the bundle is $110 lowest if you include this outfit I can do all 4 pieces for $140
pebbles1008@creativelyasym I can do the two pairs of pants MK and Calvin Klein and this bundle for $115 total.
designer_diva88@pebbles1008 Should you ever decide to go a bit lower on price, please tag me. I will gladly purchase this piece! Love it!💕😘✌️
pebbles1008@designer_diva88 Brand New never worn sorry but won't be lowering the price on this one. Thanks for liking though!😉
sleepybarberHey darlin. I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you. I dropped my phone and broke it . Lol I wasn't just being a jerk . If you would be willing to bundle for me again I will buy it right when you do it. If you don't want to that's totally understandable , I just wanted to let you know what happend. Have a great day . If you would be willing to do it again , I'll go back and number everything again. Xoxo
pebbles1008@ksrolfes I actually just checked I have the Coral in medium only I have the green in small and large only thank you!
ksrolfesOk, thats fine, please do the green in large & coral in medium. Thank you😊
chula15If purchased today when will you be able to ship?
pebbles1008@chula15 Today or Tomorrow!
jstungwaiiLooking good but $95 is too low??
pebbles1008@jstungwaii If you are making an offer I only accept offers through the "offer" button located below👇👇 thanks!
jen_hoffstatterHi, could you possibly do $12??? I love these shoes! ☺️ @pebbles1008
sweetcandyyamsReally cute...do you have a size 11? Even in another color...I like this shoe...
pebbles1008@emac1 Hi 🙋 I actually listed your answer in the description at the top👆
pebbles1008@emac1 Heel 5" 1" platform approx 😉
erinb1030Awesome!!! That I can deal with for the sexy n hotness they are!!!! Lol last question are they true to size or run small or bigger?
pebbles1008@erinb1030 They are true to size!
karismabeeWould you bundle this and the black pair for 55?
pebbles1008@karismabee No love that's giving them away not looking to do that sorry
ybf@pebbles1008 I love these shoes! Is the price flexible at all?
pebbles1008@ybf Hi I will consider all reasonable offers. Do you have one in mind?
pk1pk2I am yes, id like to try to find he venus cardigan sweater first.. I will be in touch
pebbles1008@pk1pk2 Ok no problem thanks😉
lacey_juneWould you go any lower?
pebbles1008@lacey_june Is this the only thing you see if so the lowest is $45 NWT
pebbles1008@deborita22 Hi 🙋 I can bundle your likes for $68 LMK if interested
pebbles1008@hollidayo Hi LMK if I can help with anything
pebbles1008@lisawldr all of my shoes are in great condition or I wouldn't sell them. Second picture shows heel. These were only worn once heels are perfect I also have them in silver😉 thank you!
pebbles1008@lindseycupcakes hi LMK if I can help with anything
pebbles1008@caoilfhionn1 Yes! It's a very pretty top. But it will probable be here on your next pay day😉 hope to talk to you soon!😘
caoilfhionn1😺😻looking forward to it ^^
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