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Nicole's Closet


nikkiknits@meeksmr thx so much for the like and all the posh love! I bundle and am open to reasonable offers!!!! Thank you!
nikkiknits@stylzoo thx for the likes - I bundle too! Always appreciate your shares too!
nikkiknits@ariellekevans in hanger from shoulder to hem it measures 37" long, and if that from shoulder to bottom of breast is the first 12"- hope that helps- pls LMK if u have any other questions .
nikkiknits@jennyiefer thx for the share!
nikkiknits@evoy thx for all the posh love and all the shares- they are greatly appreciated!
evoy@nikkiknits you so welcome, anytime❤
nikkiknits@brandiscott26 thx for the like! I am open to reasonable offers!
nikkiknits@rosehillcheer thx for the like! I bundle and am open to reasonable offers too.
nikkiknits@kc_daniels thx for your interest - this is an awesome piece! Sorry I am only selling at the moment ( out of work ) thx for understanding!
nikkiknits@reggie1984 thx for the like! They are so comfy - I am having a sale and bundle too!
nikkiknits@reggie1984 I wanted to let u know I also have these in a medium charcoal grey too!
nikkiknits@daleanne thx for the like! I bundle and open to reasonable offers too!:)
nikkiknits@kelcierabalais thx for the likes! I bundle too!:)
ametzgerVery welcome!:)
nikkiknits@jrdarst thx for the like! I bundle too feel free to make an offer if u like- I'm open to reasonable offers!
nikkiknits@rachelcouture thx for the like I am open to reasonable offers!
nikkiknits@stylzoo thx for the likes! LMK if u r interested in a bundle!
nikkiknits@amu719 thx for the like - pls lmk if u would like to make an offer or would like to bundle.
nikkiknits@jeanettejoy thank you for your purchase!
nikkiknits@jeanettejoy so happy you received your bag so quickly and are enjoying it! Thx again for your purchase!
nikkiknits@stylzoo thx for this like too! I bundle feel free to make an offer bundled or not.:)
nikkiknits@tinatima thank you so much for all your shares! Very much appreciated!
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