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Nicole's Closet


nicole818@xtinaxtreme24 any more tops? I have some more I could upload for you tonight when I get home. I have some dresses and other things as well I will upload . Ill tag you when I do
xtinaxtreme24awesome thanks :)
nicole818@emilyveneda I'd trade for the teal tank I liked. Is there anything else from my closet you might want to make it a more equal trade ? Or I can throw in another pair of these same leggings.
emilyvenedaCan we ship ourselves since it won't cost much to ship?
nicole818Sure! my email is nanderson801@aim.com send me your info and ill email you back mine.
nicole818It was at some boutique kinda store. I never saw one of them before, i don't remember the name though.!
sarah_kelly@nicole818 what's ur lowest?
nicole818@caylahrae sorry no pay pal. & I don't know they might have been cut. These are a friends pair of shorts .
nicole818Looking at them I think they are home made shorts
nwydraDo you trade I am reliable and honest 😊
nicole818@nwydra no sorry I'm trying to get rid of stuff not get more haha !
nicole818@lorrainepantoja hey so I recently moved and left all of my for sale clothes at my parents house. I should be getting then pretty soon though and I will tag you and yell to the inseam then. Sorry for the inconvenience !
lorrainepantojaOkay sounds good thank you Hun.
moyoung69@nicole818 what would be your lowest for these doll?? 💜💜💜 very interested!!
nicole818@moyoung69 hey so I could take it down a bit for you-- but the thing is I recently moved and I left all my for sale clothes at my parents house ! I should be going back some time this month though so I will tag you when I do !!! Sorry for the inconvenience 😐
nicole818@peachez00 sorry girl I actually just moved recently and left my box full of stuff I'm selling at my parents house. I will tag you when I get it which should be in a couple weeks
nicole818@tracielee3 hey girl, sorry but I moved into a new apartment a couple weeks ago and forgot to bring my bag of clothes I'm selling, so I won't be able to model for a month probably. I will tag you when I do if you are still interested then!
ercundiff1@nicole818 hi, when will this be shipped??
nicole818I shipped it! Sorry it took so long I was moving my stuff from my apartment back home this weekend @ercundiff1
ercundiff1@nicole818 --sorry, I totally added wrong...if you'll hold till wed, I'll take it for $50
nicole818@ercundiff1 sounds excellent ! Will do !
nicole818@brandichaos sorry no! Mondays & Tuesdays are super hectic for me so I haven't had time. I should have time tomorrow yo stop by the post office though !
brandichaosThat's okay I understand lol
nicole818@elyfa I posted some modeled pictures. Let me know I you are interested. I can bundle and will be posting new items soon 😊
elyfaThey look cute! I'm gonna wait and see if I can make a few more sales first! Thanks Hun! 😘
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