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Cris's Closet


oliviaf13Am I gorgeous? Let me know. Reminds me of a tangerine. I love organgey and organs
gillilaf1I will take two of those
thebrazenskirtOopsy! I started to ask for measurements and accident pressed "post." Haha...anyways, I saw that you gave measurements above, so just ignore me. 😉
davisc6Inseam measurement plz?
myfashionjuice@davisc6 the inseam is about 28 inches but note that this is a low crotch pants so it can really be perfect for those with 29- 30 inches inseam.
sheelagohAnd lastly, this @myfashionjuice :)
myfashionjuice@sheelagoh for this and the other long sleev top, it will be $29. Let me know. And sorry for the pants 😐
ladyusmc99@myfashionjuice is the bottom of the backpack reinforced with extra lining?
myfashionjuice@ladyusmc99 yes it has extra reinforcement in the bottom. The backpack is fully lined inside but has extra lining in the bottom
c3hVery nice! How old?
myfashionjuice@c3h i think 2013 season but rarely used. I'd say probably worn 5 times
aurrabotsI need these in my life by I'm a size 8 and am 4'10 and seeing as it's kinda loose and my body is much different I'm wondering it would fit!✨💕✨💕✨💕
myfashionjuice@aurrabots yes they are loose. I think it could fit. 😊
myfashionjuice@tbelle i'm currently out of town. I will get you the measurements when i get back saturday. Thanks!
myfashionjuice@tbelle added photos with the length and the actual color. It's more white. Also, the shoulder length is a bit tricky because the sleeves and shoulder is continuous. If you can see the photo where I am wearing it, the shoulder just extends to the arms
mattietee👘👘. Congratulations on your "Fun and Colorful " Host Pick. It looks full of fun and color to me💋💋. I am excited and hope your item sells soon ! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
gymjanice@myfashionjuice ❤️sure wish I could wear this shape glasses! Love them
bj2233bjSomehow it says I purchased this, and I did NOT! Do NOT SHIP. I emailed postmark also informing them.
myfashionjuice@bj2233bj no worries it has been cancelled :)
myfashionjuice@thefashionbar sorry i dont trade
tinawright553My name is - Tina Wright I am very interested in buying this. Please contact me at - tinawright553@gmail.com Need to know about shipping also.
thesexyknitterAwww I really wanted that necklace, too! Stunning!
jlynn8Hey, hun! What's the lowest you could do for a bundle with this and the red cut-out jumpsuit??😊💖
myfashionjuice@helloamelie most brands have like an all-around spray paint. It will say in the front for metal, wood, plastic, etc. :) i get mine either at walmart or lowes or home depot :)
helloamelieGreat! Thanks you
pearlcaliAre you selling the chanel flats anytime ?
myfashionjuice@pearlcali sorry it's my beloved summer shoes :)
myfashionjuice@4me thank you! Happy Holidays to you as well! It's also my birthday on Christmas. 😊 Hehe. 😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉⛄️⛄️⛄️
sherlyblLove your style and the way you put the outfit together
simplymissglamI'm in love with your closet! It's just too cute & fun! I will def be back for some shopping, just need to start making some sales, I'm new to poshmark! Nice to meet you cutie! 💕
mlc825So cute!!
shanonruthWould these fit me? I'm 5'2 and about 135. I normally wear a 6 but have never worn Michael K bottoms
myfashionjuice@shanonruth yes it will fit you!
texaschristieHi! Sorry I didn't get to the mail box I time to get my package. I will go get it first thing in the morning. Thank you for shipping so fast.
gdvallarThank u! Will u be able to ship it today?
myfashionjuice@gdvallar hi! It will be shipped tomorrow since the postman already left after your purchase. Sorry about that.
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