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Monica's Closet


kitten323Sorry for the delay I'm still waiting on my check tommorow around this time I will have it :)
monirenee@mariamuniz they are not mines so I can sell them at that price
mariamunizWell can you ask who's ever they are
dez21Will you take $5 I'll order now
monirenee@dez21 sorry the price stands as is cause I already lowered it
angeldannielleWhat's the least you would take?? I love this !
monirenee@angeldannielle I will not take any less on here cause of fees on pray pal the least would be 65 with ship
jbemont14what is the lowest you would do on this?
jbemont14if you did $20 I could purchase this right now doll!
monirenee@girl2100 hi I have message the girl regarding the items she won't contact me back nor have I gotten anything in the mail so I think it's safe to say she's not sending the items
chloeexoI'd do $53 on p p including shipping for the iPhone.
dezidez@monirenee what's the size can you plz post a picture with it side to side with something to compare it to thx
monirenee@dezidez Size: Mirror - 6.5" inch (H) x 10" inch This is the size
jrubym91I think u need to have more patient in trying to sell ur stuff. Ppl would like to see more pics of items to see if their interested or ask questions about it. It's the only way u would be able to sell ur stuff more.
monirenee@jrubym91 I understand that but I have added pics for those who ask and after I do they ignore all messages and I feel if uk ur aren't gonna purchase knowing having ppl put pics up DONT waste a sellers toms cuz they have lives and families too that was my point behind it cause I ran across a lot of girls on here to waste ppl time and then they lie or come up other excuses
monirenee@caseyisdancing the measurements was listed when u said that u was still waiting on funds u said u had got the measurements??? I have other pairs of TB glasses but I'm not gonna go thru that kind of hassle again trying and putting pictures up
caseyisdancingi'm so sorry :( I think i just miscalculated the measurements the first time. i'm so sorry for the hassle!!! I will take a look at the other things you posted
monirenee@shiningbrighter the gucci kate spade Michael kors do u have marc jacobs or fan of fendi
shiningbrighter@monirenee No...not that I want to sell...I just got my MJ. Have you ever smelled Shi by Alfred Sung? Its so bomb...its my fav!
nvmenormaJust FYI I added my olive green Tory Burch Jaden Tote, it's 100% authentic you can check out Nordstrom web .Thanks😊
alesyakachOK let's send on our own. When can you ship? Here's my email for your address alesyakach@gmail.com
monirenee@alesyakach tomorrow if not early tuesday morning more likely tomorrow it the post office don't be closed wen I leave work I'm gonna email u now
jessfuller@monirenee hey I just sent you an email. I am excited too! I am changing my case now.
monirenee@jessfuller ok I'm finna send my address now dear
twinkletoestoni@monirenee Yes to WEN! Please tag me when you post your new stock. Thanks! 😊😊😊
mialitlesclosetHello, I'm always looking for wen product😊please tag me when u get some. Thank you
treasure43I thought about doing the same thing! 👍
monirenee@treasure43 u have to dear if not they'll keep doing it
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