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Melody's Closet


emiliamobiliaNo worries, I'm in no rush to get them but they are gorgeous!❤️Just let me know how to find you on Ⓜ️ercari and I can purchase anytime✌️
melodymarie@emiliamobilia They're up! Just search by brand and choose JC and you should see the listing 💛
toniigrlHey. Interested in trading☺️
melodymarie@toniigrl Hey girl just trying to sell this 🙈 I can do $45 on Ⓜ️ercari where they don't deduct fees from sellers if you'd like!
melodymarie@kathyxoxoxo Sure if you buy today, but you'll have to pay for a shipping label here so that you can track it. I'd want you to have proof of sending.
melodymarie@kathyxoxoxo the other one works too, let me know and I'll create a listing
katie_ohPost more pics ☺️
melodymarie@jessteitejk I will be going home tomorrow after work so I will send first thing Wednesday morning 💟
gemini083113Trade sweetie
melodymarie@buckhorn $40 is kinda a lowball offer for authentic glasses priced over $100 which have never been worn...considering I'd get 80% of that. If you want to purchase today I can do $60 on Ⓜ️️ercari where I'm not charged fees
melodymarie@mmaryaa I'm so sorry for this. I feel so stupid. I checked their site in the meantime and returns are accepted for all pieces as long as they are not washed and have tags so you're good, I never used that suit! So just email "returns@triangl.com" and coordinate with them. Just tell them you got it as a gift (don't say you bought it from posh they prob won't like that and will consider it used so they won't take it back) Returns take 24-48 hrs so hold onto your size and hopefully you can get a better fitted one after talking to them! And then you'll be set! :) A cheaper price and a better deal in terms of fitting! Sorry for the inconvenience!
melodymarie@mmaryaa Emailing you now.
melodymarieNo no don't! You helped more than I could ever have wanted and you deserve a Poshmark medal haha for seller of the year. It was my own fault for the size confusion and I'm only trying to swap sizes with someone, not sell because I still really love the boots 💛
vintage_queenYou can email me at thevintagequeen@yahoo.com thx!
melodymarie@aesthetics $75 🅿️🅿️ and shipping through here if you buy today😊💛
aestheticsUgh the highest I can do right now is like 60 so I'll wait but thanks!
melodymarie@gurfer Hey love can you accept the item so my funds can process?✨
gurfer@melodymarie Just did it now! I'm so sorry about that🙏. The boots are killer though I love them thank you so much!!
melodymarie@laurendavvi Yup! Well depending on how you wanna wear it. Oversized you'd have to be a small or medium and if you want it cropped you'd be a medium or small.
melodymarie@laurendavvi I meant large at the end lol
livetobehappy@melodymarie Hi! Sorry if this is rude or out of place, but I was looking at unif american flag moto jackets to see how much they are going for so I could price mine. I have a small listed on ebay for $120 if you are interested I could work on the price a little. Sorry again if this seems pushy
melodymarie@livetobehappy Thanks for telling me! I would only be able to trade at the moment 🙈
satansgirlscoutSounds good!
luzfashion0617@melodymarie 🎉Congrats on co-hosting🎉I will definitely be there to celebrate. If you have a spare moment please check out my closet for a potential HP for the party. Thank you & have fun!
melodymarie@kelleyrmadden @oliviaf13 @breezorko @kbc_ward101 @lindsaycurlett no ladies sorry, but I'm trying to sell everything in my closet this week to save up for a combo gift for my boyfriends birthday/valentines day so I am willing to lower a bit. First come first serve.
annarexxiaI'm not sure if you trade or not. If so please take a look at my closet and let me know if there's anything you see what you be willing to trade for my likes. ❤️❤️❤️
lovchanelOmg I love your closet!! Please check out mine, I have lots of LF, brandy melville and zara etc etc 🍬🍭🍬🍭😋
carminajI know these are sold but what exact name are they? I love them
rachelnguynHey just wondering why you sold these? Im thinking about getting them and selling my jc coltranes 😊
alliezampWhere did u get these ?
s05Still available? Any stains or tears? Anything on the back?
melodymarie@s05 Avaiable. Nothing on the back detailing wise and no stains or tears either!
melodymarie@sbreaux2 Lmao uhm hun have you ever purchased from JB before? They do that sticker shit all the time, lol not me. I don't have time to print labels and whatnot. Nor the sources. Go ahead and call their customer service and ask them if they printed their logo over another and they will tell you yes. I own three shoes from them and I would know. It's a Chinese company so they purchase shoes from all over and sell them on their site under their name. They are from Jessica Buurman so there is nothing dishonest about this sale. I sent the shoes in the EXACT condition I received them in from that company. Call them up and do some fucking research before how come at someone like this. I am an honest seller and have worked with JB for months now, I know what I'm talking about unlike you. So go ahead, call them up and ask about the stickers. They'll tell you it was their doing and then you'll feel like an idiot for how you've approached me. Don't comment me again until you have.
melodymarie@sbreaux2 And to help you out, customer service guy is named Brian.
closetchelleI love this, omg so mad i missed this :)
lapearladior24Congrats love bug❤️🎉🎉😘Have a BLAST co hosting tonight & if you get a chance I would loooooovvveee for you to please come by and check my closet out for a hp...I certainly have plenty to fit street style💋Congrats again & enjoy sweetie!!!!❤️
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