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Aubrey's Closet


stacy150I'm just trying to help some poshers out here. There is this new app called m-e-r-c-a-r-i (spelled without the dashes of course) and they take 0% away from sales, so what you sell for is what you get :) you can also sell more than clothes, you can sell makeup, perfumes etc. if you use the sign up code DHJRUF when signing up you get a free $15 credit to spend on whatever you like on the app!
sjeischenCongratulations on a perfect party host pick!! I'm sharing it with my followers! 💞💞💞
erdehaus@madeyoublush What a great closet! So nice to find another posher with the same size!
madeyoublushOf course @mdownstroh 😊 I took all new pics for you to see all angles of the shoes.
mdownstroh@madeyoublush just got home to check my Kate spade heel size, I need a 7 1/2 :( thank you thou
sms2811@madeyoublush this is my official RSVP 🎉 congrats on co hosting !!! 🍷 here's to an amazing party 😘 if you have some room left peak in my closet 💞💋😍 Sammy
stephstannyHow did I miss this pic earlier? Too much cuteness. Can't handle...
stacyesdOh no those ears!! Too cute! 🙋💕
onyxandorchid🎀✨Congrats on your Day-Off Fashion host pick!!! ✨🎀
healchnoNot my size but, oh so SUPER CUTE AND SHARING. I am new to Posh but know that's how we get our sales to grow. Share the posh love.
swissweiss@madeyoublush $35? Im gonna buy them now thats only i have 😁😘😍😊
madeyoublushI unfortunately can't bundle all three items @swissweiss for that amount. I can bundle the two juicy couture items however for that amount. LMK
crystalkrahnThank you! Are they in really work condition? How are the bottoms? Are they torn at all?
madeyoublushThey are in brand new condition @crystalkrahn. I wore them maybe twice.
sydneyconstanceOkay. Hope to have more by then. I will let you know either way.
sydneyconstanceHi! I am very disappointed to say I don't have enough funds for these adorable shoes. I want them and had every intention of buying them. I thought I would have the funds by now, but I don't. I can't tell how much I appreciate you offering to send them late for me. You are so nice and I'm sorry you will no longer be on Posh. I wish you all the best on your exciting journey! My family is from Italy. It's a beautiful country! So excited for you! Ciao 😚💚
apurena1Can you model?
madeyoublushThe waist @apurena1 is too big on me. Didn't want to hem it smaller so I'm selling.
bmossrnSorry-I see the mushroom color now!!
madeyoublushYes @bmossrn. The pics show the exact vest.. in different light it appears different as shown.
madeyoublushIt's amazing @denelle81. Great buy! 😊 I had appts yesterday & today so this has yet to be mailed, but I will be sure to get it out tomorrow for you.
denelle81@madeyoublush 😘 thanks so much!!!
madeyoublushYou're so cute @maghuracan 😘 Thank you!
maghuracan@madeyoublush you welcome ...that's is so cool you moving I wish you the best of luck ...
lissy26@madeyoublush very awesome seller, with impeccable clothing and a great communicator. I've both from her twice already and luved every item she sent. Fast shipping and clothes are exactly as described as well as fit. Purchase from her ladies, awesome seller. 😊💋
sophia2Beautiful Closet!!! Best wishes .
madeyoublushI do @meglynndoll which is why I've set the prices so low. Can't budge too much. What's your offer?
meglynndollOh okay sorry I think I misunderstood the purging post, I don't want to offend you with a low offer. Maybe I'll check back in a month of so. Good luck with your move. (:
kholcomb75230I'll do that right now. Thanks!
madeyoublushDid it work @kholcomb75230 because I didn't get a notification or see a difference?
madeyoublushAbsolutely @pikine1209 😊 The reduced shipping fees hun only occur when an item is lessened by 10 or more though. Sorry!
madeyoublushThanks for your purchase @pikine1209 😊 I'll get this shipped to you asap.
madeyoublushP.S. @jcc0211 ... you can add another follower to your closet. It's amazing!
jcc0211Thank you!! Sad to see a fellow posher leave but im sure whats waiting for you in italy is going to be immensely more exciting! I followed you in ig too =) best of luck to everything!
madeyoublushThanks @eisenmananna! I'll ship first thing Monday. Hope you're still loving that ring.. such a beautiful statement piece.
lolitalynneAwesome! Thanks!!!!
madeyoublushHi @lolitalynne. Did you receive the notice that your mailman tried delivering this?
lisbake@madeyoublush thanks for the quick ship. Love the blazer!
madeyoublushYay @lisbake. Enjoy it hun. I bet it looks amazing on you.
memkimBeautiful ♥♥ if there's anything I have you'd be willing to trade for please let me know! :)
madeyoublushSorry @memkim no trades!
sarahvillellaAlready wore them and got compliments! Thank you so much for extremely fast shipping and an amazing deal 😊 looking forward to doing business with you again. ❤️❤️❤️
madeyoublushWonderful @sarahvillella! Keep enjoying them great shoes.
madeyoublushDue to posh fees @kkazi I can't lower them on here. Sorry hun!
kkazi@madeyoublush completely understand. Could you shoot me an email? kqazi13@gmail.com
familyphylJust thought I would ask😉 it is so cute! Contact me if you change your mind😊😊thank you again!! 💃
madeyoublushOf course @familyphyl. I'll get this shipped to you ASAP.
nsalovichJust purchased thank you! Also if your buyer for whatever reason isn't happy with the sequin j. Crew top you just sold, I would love to buy that too ☺️ Thanks again xx
madeyoublushYou're welcome @nsalovich 😘 I'll let you know if something comes up with that top. For this bundle... I'll get it shipped tomorrow.
sashaspektorSuch a beauty!! (And the skirt as well😋) I'm am normally a 2, but since this is a bit above the waist line do you think it would still fit? Does it have a zipper or a band? Very interested this would be suck a great addition !! 😘
madeyoublushHi @sashaspektor. I would measure your waistline hun where you'd want the skirt to fit as a suggestion. Skirt is 23" laying flat across.
madeyoublushIt's an amazing top @aebrownell84. You'll love it! Lots of compliments coming your way.
nsalovich@aebrownell84 If you ever decide to sell this top I will buy it from you ☺️ Have a great Sunday!
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