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Erika's Closet


taranahpI see that's there a peel on the left shoe, but I've been looking for this color. Do you mind doing $10? Pypl. Or on here.
lolabluecloset@taranahp sorry but the tiny peel is on the inside and it's not noticeable the shoes are in excellent condition. $25 is the lowest.
ajceraso🎉🎊🎉🎊 CONGRATS on your 💙⚡️💚⚡️ bold 💗 and 🌷⚡️🌸⚡️ beautiful pick 🎉🎊🎉🎊
read247"Freedom lies in being bold." ~ Robert Frost. 😗😎 Congratulations on your Bold and Beautiful host pick! 😎😗
leliluvCongrats on your Host Pick! Sharing with my PFFs right now!
nikongirlrocksVery cool Fashion Forward Fall Host Pick!! ★Congratulations★
lolabluecloset@reesa22 but I cannot guarantee your package my Tuesday - the shipping is on poshmark since they provide the label.
reesa22If you can shop no later than tomorrow I think it'll be fine. Thanks! please let me know if you can't.
verocasadoCongrats on your Host Pick!
drizzymizzylove"You can have ANYTHING you want😍 if you dress👠👔👚👗 for it." - Edith Head💕 🌟 CONGRATS ON YOUR #DressToImpress HOST PICK 🌟
lolabluecloset@kamicloset hi! I see you received the jacket was everything ok? Saw you rated it I could improve? Just wanted to know what you meant and what can be improved?
kamiclosetThe white part on the picture isn't as accurate as the item. I thought the white part was a soft smooth material like many other jackets I own. The white part is actually hard and has like a textured detail.
lolabluecloset💓🌸Thank you all for the HOST PICK🌸💓
courtneychan@lolabluecloset Thanks for your response! I'll definitely be scouring ebay and poshmark for them! Please tag me if you ever happen to spot them on posh :)
lolabluecloset@jloway omg so sorry for this it definitely was an in transit damage. It's the first time thsi happens. I've never had this problem.
jlowayNo worries @lolabluecloset! I'm sure it wasn't intentional. Poshmark is really good at resolving these matters so that it works out best for both Seller and Buyer.
catballew123Sorry, I see you listed length. Just let me know width. Thank you.
lolabluecloset@catballew123 the card they are on is 2x2 - the width is about half an inch
nelly1227Hi you still have?? If soo will you do free ship thanks
lolabluecloset@samscj06 hi I don't have these in clear I have them in sapphire blue. Would you still want them? So sorry for the HUGE mistake and mixup but the inventory was for the blue and not the clear. Lmk
gansel@lolabluecloset thank you! Received and they're lovely. Ty for the sweet note too!
cgsinks@lolabluecloset I specifically asked if this was available before purchasing?????
lolabluecloset@cgsinks yes you did and I made a mistake, therefore I apologize. We no longer have it.
cellestineNice one. Congrats. I hope you are having fun. Enjoy it. 💚💙💛💜
charlottefitzCongratulations on your beautiful and much deserved 🌟🎉🌟 Host Pick🌟🎉🌟!
chicbirdieLOVE your classic style - hope you'll stop by my closet for your party picks! 😍🎉❤️
luzfashion0617@lolabluecloset 🎉Congrats on co-hosting🎉 If you have a few spare moments please check out my closet for a potential hp for the party. Thank you & have fun!😊
lolabluecloset@rtsl0v3sme6 sorry no trades, but I can give you a discount bundle.
mrsdiva703y of Party: Well, my friends, the time has come To raise the roof and have some fun Throw away the work to be done Let the music play on(play on, play on) Everbody sing, everybody dance Lose yourself in wild romance We're going to party Karamu, fiesta, forever Come on and sing along! Get your last minute Host Picks, and Enjoy your party tonight!
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