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Lisa's Closet


jesskaitlynnBest price? Or willing to trade? I have good sh*t in my closet maybe you'd b down to trade and some cash?
lisapriceinc@jesskaitlynn at the moment I'm not trading, but I'd love to negotiate a better price for you. What were you hoping for?
lisapriceinc@tigerlillys the samples are tanning boosters but the actually cans are not. They improve skin quality aka cellulite, firming, toning.
epoh85Do u still have this?
lisapriceinc@epoh85 I do! Sorry for the late response - your comment somehow got hidden!
strat1lj@lisapriceinc hi.. I'm just wondering if you're going to be able to ship this this week... I need it for next week!!!
strat1lj@lisapriceinc please let me know if or when you plan on shipping this!!! I would still really like to have this!!! Some communication would be great so I can plan accordingly!
lisapriceinc@genelle1977 hi love, are you interested in negotiating!? Xo.
genelle1977@lisapriceinc hi just keeping in likes for now Thanks
lisapriceinc@lilyliver hi lily! I was out of town and just saw that this sold! Shipped it just now. Thanks so much for purchasing!! 💗
lilyliverNo prob. Thanks so much.
anxcanuckWhat's the fabric? Still available?
lisapriceinc@anxcanuck it is! It's made out of a sturdy cotton poly type fabric I believe.
lisapriceinc@jusmeebeeatch right now trying to clean out the closet so I'm not trading but I'd love to negotiate a price!
jusmeebeeatchThanx anyways!!! Good luck selling gurl!!! ;)
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