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Jen's Closet


lifeunrefined@jeaninelorenzo still available! I'm Moving out next week though... So not swapping.
jeaninelorenzo@lifeunrefined oh ok. If u do consider trades tho n wud wanna teed when ur done moving next week please lmk
pehang@lifeunrefined congrats on co hosting tomorrow! Your closet is darling & so are you :) I know the party will be fantastic & I'm looking forward to seeing your picks. Have a great night & it's good to meet you, my name is Gerilynn.
lifeunrefined@pehang Thank you! You're a dear 😘
lifeunrefined@soledad85 I'm willing to bundle the Zara nude heels, the scuba skirt and Anthropologie red flats for $44 if you buy now. 😊
soledad85@lifeunrefined thank you hun. I will think about that and let you know.
tdkbkt6Congratulations On Your Fabulous Casual Friday Host Pick! 💕👏👏👏💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈💕🌷🌷🌷💕🌺🌺🌺💕
lifeunrefined@jennyshoe I'll let them go for $39...otherwise I prefer to keep. Let me know!
jennyshoe@lifeunrefined sorry that's a little more than I'm willing to spend, but thank you for considering and good luck with your move! :)
paczkiAh, sorry! There was a ribbon saying reserved instead of a buy button earlier :) I still have to think about it, but I'll let you know!
tinymere@lifeunrefined is this still available? would you be able to measure the length for me? thanks!
lifeunrefined@exotic_flower are you still interested in the bag? If so I'm willing to go $220 for you 😊
citygirlnyGorgeous bag!! I love your closet...you have exquisite taste :-)
gordomom@moonbunnytoo Oh these are beautiful!!! Thank you for the tag! I'll have to check out the other goodies here!! <3
anoliverGorgeous Closet!! I have a feeling I'll be stopping by a lot!😉😍
gpaloSo cute! Absolutely love your closet and can't believe I am just finding it now! 😍😍
ivyanneI love that we are the same size. Gorgeous closet!
lifeunrefined@ashleymaher you're welcome! you got a fab deal! 👏 I'll ship tomorrow. 😊
ashleymaher@lifeunrefined I know, thank you 🙏🙏 good luck on your move!
lesleyk33Ok sounds good! As long as they are all in excellent condition I'll take them! Thank you!!
lifeunrefined@lesleyk33 Yup! Just note that dog dress is a dark gray, not true black. I don't want you to think its faded or looks worn because of use. I literally wore/washed maybe 3x and it looks the way I bought it from Urban Outfitters.
lifeunrefined@bactor23sgirl Hi! just checking to see if you're still interested!
bactor23sgirl@lifeunrefined I am but rather wait til my funds come through from a sale I made yesterday . So I'll come back.
lifeunrefined@corgo123 changed to $15! Please note Im closing the listing tomorrow (Mon night) so please pay before then :)
lslychvz@lifeunrefined great! Thank you! Shipping was $1.99 couldn't be more excited! So sad you'll be closing your closet, it is one of my favorites😊
lifeunrefined@lslychvz aww that's so sweet of you! Yeah I'm moving out of the country for awhile so had to painfully sell a lot of my closet (plus I can't wear high heels anymore). Hope you love these babies that you scored!
txurruka@lifeunrefined hi what are the measurements and do you sell off posh?
lifeunrefined@txurruka It's approx 12.5 x 7 x 3.5 and no, I don't, sorry! I'm willing to slightly lower the price if you are serious about buying though.
mhugls@lifeunrefined thank you! I would like to buy this on Saturday if its still available. Would you take $110?
lifeunrefined@mhugls Sorry, I'd rather keep it at that price. I'm willing to knock it down to $149 if you buy it by Saturday, though. Just let me know when you're ready!
lifeunrefined@jboo Ok just posted a pic of me wearing them! They ARE super cute. Breaks my heart I can't wear certain shoes anymore due to a permanent foot injury, or I'd keep them! I think we are the same size, I am a 6.5 and just slightly wide (but not wide enough to wear wide shoes). These would fit you well!
jboo@lifeunrefined thanks for the response and sorry to hear about the foot injury! I'm gonna think on it! (if it doesn't get snatched up by someone else in the meantime! ;))
little_thingstill admiring these! Do you think they would accommodate a 6 1/2 or only a six? Thank you
little_thingSorry, I just read your comments to another person about the sizing. :-)
lifeunrefined@grinnell23 Omg I'm sorry that happened! That really sucks. I'm moving out right now so I don't have the time to reverse the order. So sorry!
grinnell23@lifeunrefined ok, I understand. If you can find the time, I would give you $50 for it. Thanks for your help.
lifeunrefined@batgirllaura No prob! It's an awesome deal, brand new with tags still on. Let me know if you have any other questions 😊
maniezzzHi, would you do $15?
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