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A walk into fashion's Closet


lavishlookLol no. I'd prefer cash over store credit. Lol. I receipt. @amylynnla
lavishlookNo receipt. I have a shopping problem and a problem not keeping my receipts. @amylynnla
k_parisLove them.. I just wish I had the money.. They would fit me and I could walk in them.. I love the stilettos like these.. I wont have the money till the third.. Can u hold them for me? If u can I will probably buy a few more items as well..
myesha_captainSo cute! Wish they were my size!
christywilson@lavishlooks on your jeans that have been hemmed, did they keep the original bottom?
lavishlookNo hun these don't have the original hem but look exactly like it. @christywilson
lavishlookI will as soon as I get home. I'll tag you once I've posted picture. @erikalb
lavishlookSo I took pictures but am embarrassed to even post because they look terrible on me. They are too big for my chicken legs and super long as I'm only 5 foot. :( @erikalb
lavishlookNo skinny pants @gidget609
gigglebabeThis is really cute! By the way, have you heard of the app Ⓜ️ercari? It's like this app, but they don't take any commission money out! It all goes to you! If you use the invitation code: ZAWDWM you get free credits to spend! ☺️
lavishlookHey hun! Which 3 pairs.. ? I'm sorry i've been getting too many notifications to locate. No more J Brand at this moment. Let me know. I am going out of town until Sunday so the earliest I can ship will be Monday morning. @mkairforcewife
lavishlookHi hunny. Which jeans were you interested in? I just got back into town @mkairforcewife
k_parisI like these as well as the black spiked heels.. Not very often can I find clothes in my size.. I really hope u can hold these things for me till Wednesday of next week.. If not that's understandable..
k_parisSorry this went to the wrong person..
ampitoLovely closet! I am bookmarking it with this item
lavishlookThank you! You have a beautiful closet as well!!! @ampito
lavishlookI would say 5' 1" @dlbranch72
dlbranch72Perfect. Thank you. That's what I thought. I will show them to her.
lavishlookHey sweetheaet. I'm unable to model because they are too large. I'm sorry. Anything else I can help you with? @irmascloset
irmasclosetOk thank you
ginabj@lavishlook Hi there😊 thank you for visiting my Closet and if you have questions on the Deep Brown Mac purse please let me know. I am trying to trim my purses addiction lol it is thick lavish luxury leather. It has never been used and has beautiful Hardware. This is a bargain but my purses are flowing on to his side of closet😉🌺🌴
lavishlookOh of course! Getting to it! @kariiyadelii
kariiyadeliiOk thanks hun just tag me and wait for me to like so then you can lower it thanks
lavishlookand this one also?.. I can bundle all 3 for $30 :) LMK when you are ready. Thanks! @msdomotan
msdomotanYes please thank!
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