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Lauren nicole's Closet


laurennicoleSorry for the delayed reply. I would go with a medium! Pictured here she is a 00/0 and 5'0" wearing an x-small. @designer3000609
nkd63369@laurennicole what's the material?
laurennicole@korahbell We have one small left! Sorry for the late response. :)
amiye@ laurennicole Great! Thank you! I will go ahead and purchase the Large. Thank you for reserving it :)
designer3000609@laurennicole Hi I went on to your website I see a lot of things I love! Do you give any discounts got shopping on your site? Or better to bundle on here?
laurennicoleThank you! I only share the stores sale items on posh. On the website you'll find the new styles. Although there isn't a current promo, it's always free shipping when you order directly from the store. @designer3000609
laurennicoleGreat!! So glad you love everything. The maxi is one of my personal favs! Sorry to hear about the sizing for the printing kimono. I wish there was something we could do, but through posh we can't process exchanges. @femme
femmeNo problem @laurennicole ill just relist it :) thanks again
laurennicole@chickykat did you get the ups email for tracking? I sent it this morning.
chickykatYes, I got it and will watch for it. It's not far away now. Prob be here Mon?!
jmcgillicuddy@laurennicole these earrings arrived yesterday. They are adorable! 😍 Thank you so much for the very fast shipping and great product! 🌸
laurennicoleGlad you like them! @jmcgillicuddy
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