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Barbie's Closet


lamaravilla@co_k glad you liked it, thanks again for your purchase and the 5 star rating ☺️😉
co_kNo problem, it's adorable! Thank you again!!
alidamontoyaI seen that you were interested in aa disco shorts I have 2 pair in my closet if your interested :)
bubbabebbeWhich pic is the actual item? How low can u go?
lamaravilla@bubbabebbe I can post one tomorrow, send me your email so I can give you a better price.
lamaravilla@vero171 Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot going on these past 10 days. I posted a picture of the bottom showing the skinny fit. Please let me know if you're still interested ;)
lamaravilla@iffonlyy interested? I can ship today :)
lamaravillaYou're welcome and yes, they are.
stinaolginHi, I was wondering if you were able to ship the pants yet?
lamaravilla@quyendtr611999 oh no! Don't close your closet down 😐if you shipped the jacket and the other shirts we're fine. I was just checking up on it. Let me know and perhaps you can just take a little break.
kfruge7Cute closet!! 💕
lamaravilla@dannakaye0 these are sold, sorry.
dannakaye0Lol it's ok. Thanks for letting me know. But can you tell me what pant size is comparable to a medium in this brand?
lamaravilla@showbizliz Thank you so much for your purchase! I'm going to package it up for you as soon as I can and my car is getting repair so the soonest I can have out to you will be this Saturday or next Monday. Let me know if it's okay with you :)
nickig1238Hi would u trade for this? 😊
lamaravilla@zahryaa are you interested? I can lower the price if you are willing to purchase today :)
cheryln2109I am so sorry. Is there any way to cancel the order ? :(
lamaravilla@cheryln2109 I don't know how :/ I'll try and figure it out tomorrow.
rosiejhI'm 5.2.... It looks like a legging?
lamaravilla@rosiejh yes, these are leggings. I'm 5,4" do these should fit you fine.
ari1985@lamaravilla hi hun am trying to contact you and you dont't answer my questions!
lamaravilla@ari1985 sorry hun, I've been busy. I did ship them, do you want me to send you the delivery confirmation number?
mary1224Hi. Was checking if you had shipped yet?
lamaravilla@mary1224 literally just made a listing to update you.
lamaravilla@luv_joy hey love! Sorry I haven't been able to ship it because my printer stopped working but my husband is going to print the shipping slip tomorrow at work for me and I'll definitely have it out Saturday morning at the latest.
lamaravilla@luv_joy shipped it this morning ;)
lamaravilla@amykh your package was shipped this morning! PS: My husband shipped it out for me. I gave him tissue paper and ribbon so please excuse us if it's not very pretty lol
amykhHahah thank you so much and no worries I really appreciate it!
kbake008@lamaravilla hey! I guess they did show up my boyfriend was just hiding them from me lol. Thank you so much! I love them (: & the eye shadow too. Thanks again (;
lamaravilla@kbake008 Oh lol that's funny! I'm so glad you got them and love them, No problem and thank you as well :)
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