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Kyra's Closet


ladyhollieWhat does the shirt look like untucked and what does the graphic on it say? :O
khasanHi, what's the brand? And are they stretchy?
kyra@khasan boutique. Very stretchy. Hugs your body
kyra@laurielabrecque 11* 9 bottom11height
kyra@laurielabrecque I carried my text book in this shortly but I don't know how it would hold up in a long run. But I think it's sturdy as long as you don't carry anything too heavy
kyra@classychic it's 54%cotton 43 polyester and 3 spandex. Feels silky
kyra@getplayed I just reduced the price by 60%. Really need my stuff gone since I'm moving in a week. Let me know if you are interested
bnona123Hi I seen you 5 foot I'm 5'1" may I ask how long this went down on you?
kyra@bnona123 it goes around my knee
katerinioOh i commented on wrong posting, i meant where was this purchased
kyra@katerinio jewelry store. I was told it's made with 18k and mother of pearl so it wasn't cheap. I've seen copies made with metal and glass
kyra@kristinchambers this will definitely fit without push up then. I'm a 32c and I can fit this with "add two cup" push up lol
kyra@danin hey are u interested girlie?
penbeautyNo, I was wondering if the bottom skirt was lined. I'm 5'8", how long is the dress? :)
tmai1@kyra if I want to bundle this dress and the statement necklace. How much would it be!
kyra@tmai1 I'm havering buy one get one 40% off. They come up to 45 with the discount it's 37 but I can do a even 35 if you want
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