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Kristin's Closet


shesgotclassI love your closet! You have such lovely style. I love finding fellow fashion bloggers on Poshmark! :-)
bonbonstyle@kristinbrophy Ok, well thanks anyway! I'll think about the items individually to decide if I really need them.
kristinbrophy@bonbonstyle okay, just let me know! always feel free to make offers on anything. I'm definitely willing to go lower on most things in my closet :)
janetmarie93Would this be too big on me? I'm 5'3 size 0 I love this
kristinbrophy@janetmarie93 probably a little bit too big to be honest!
kristinbrophy@kellynck Hi! I'm 5'5 and it hits me right below above the knees. I just uploaded a new picture of it on. Hope this helps! 😊
kristinbrophy@kellynck sorry.. meant to say above🙈 but you can see in the photo!
jjaquess@kellieshannon Gorgeous color!!! ❤️
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Fearless Fashion Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
keltafI won't be able to purchase until Wednesdat (payday!!). So don't rush on making a listing in case you get a better offer before then!!! Hopefully they'll still be available :)
kristinbrophy@keltaf okay, no problem! Just send me a message on Wednesday and I'll make you the listing then if it's still available ☺️
steponme1012Hi! Would you consider a trade for anything in my closet??? Please let me know!
xo_marandaHi! Is there anything in my closet you'd be interested in trading for these? Thanks!
astry08Hey if you still have these how about $30 ?
kristinbrophy@astry08 I'd prefer if you made an offer through the app! :)
kristinbrophy@yini94 hi! Here is the tracking #: 9461 2096 9993 7430 9579 16
yini94Thank u so much! I do received an email from pal with the tracking#, can't wait to get it!☺️☺️@kristinbrophy
kristinbrophy@ambitiouscam honesty I'm not home and I haven't read the tag so you might be able to wash it. It's just my opinion to hand wash so you're careful with the jewels.. for anything embellished. Do you still want me to adjust?
maddison25Could you model this so I could see it a little more clearly?
kristinbrophy@maddison25 sorry, it sold! I have another floral romper listed that is equally as adorable. Thanks for your interest! 😊
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