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Katherine's Closet


kmusselman@lauren_chan its a little more white than my picture due to the lighting in our house.
lauren_chanAhh darn I was hoping it was cream πŸ˜• thank you though!!
twintoughHi! I'm Rachel, and I just found your gorgeous closet! You have some great items!!! You are super-pretty, too! Nice to meet you, and hope you have a nice week! πŸ’—πŸ’—
simplymissglamI'm in love with your closet! I will def be back! Just need to get some more sales going! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ™† I'm just new to posh' πŸ’•
kmusselman@cali180 I can do $45 for both.
cali180Thanks! Could you give me the yoke measurement for both Blazers? That's the measurement between shoulder to shoulder, seam to seam. Also the length measurements on both?
kmusselman@philashan posted a few pics πŸ˜ƒ
philashanThanks for the posting the pics! Looks like it's a little shorter than I'm comfortable wearing😞 Thanks though!
kmusselman@morganbennett sorry, I don't trade!
simplymissglamThese are so cute! Do you know how they fit on? Sorry for the question! πŸ’•
missperfumethank you so much, I wanted this so bad, again thank you.
missperfumeJust wanted to say you are the first person to not email and thank me for buying your blazer, how sad!
kmusselman@elisa_cruz they're all beautiful but I would need a 4!
elisa_cruz@kmusselman If those photos you have up of yourself, you could probably fit the Ivana dress and the blue and beige. They stretch.
kahaladrainLove this skirt just wish it eas my size otherwise it would be hanging in my closet😁
odeeodeeHi, I will be traveling on Tuesday And had hopes this skirt would have shipped by now...
lgjohnson@kmusselman tracking info please
kmusselman@lgjohnson sorry for the late response. It has been shipped and the tracking info should have been sent to you.
kmusselman@moogie1979 oh no! No I haven't gotten anything back. I'm sorry...
moogie1979Well, giving you a heads up...in case that happens. Thanks!
c3childsAwesome! Thanks so much!
c3childsCan I tell you how much I love this shirt? I love it a lot! Like β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ that much. Only one nitpick - one of the sleeves has a pink mark on it like from a marker/highlighter. I barely noticed it though. And I will be sure to check your closet a lot in the future :-)
ntemboniJus wondering if you had shipped the item :)
kmusselman@ntemboni I dropped it off at the post office yesterday but I think it goes out today bc of Columbus Day.
kmusselman@laurenkwolbach so sorry I had to get a new phone and all my apps were deleted so I wasn't getting any messages. I dropped off the clutch at the post office tonight. So sorry for the delay!
laurenkwolbach@kmusselman no probl thanks!!
kmusselman@amandabg365 it definitely runs big, I think it would work for you!
notchanelI'm between a small and a medium. How would this fit? I'm afraid if I buy it, it may be a little awkward looking.
jennyxHi, what condition is this blouse in & is this currently available?
jennz516What material are these
kmusselman@jennz516 they are canvas on the inside and like a pleather on the outside.
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