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Kiyy's Closet


closetparadiseI really really really want a son my boyfriend for 6years wants a princess👑are you having more kids or he's your only one
closetparadiseAre YOU an honest trader⭐️
kiyy@closetparadise can you please stop spamming my page with your assumptions . I posted your proof ! 4048389524 is my number . Text or call me to get in contact quicker
lndfmrls@kiyy hi im linda! Honest trades right here...ref. to show too!:)
kiyy@closetparadise yes it's still available
closetparadiseCan you reserve this as soon as I get your package since you still haven't shipped I might buy this from you too k
carlee8642@lezzetyboo @kiyy @britcat80 -------------------->check out my miss me jeans size 26 skinny❤️brand new💕!!!!!! we can trade if you want 💖
jazmintorres@kiyy are you still interested in a mophie? I have a couple.
kiyy@jazmintorres for how much ?
jimenezdollCan you tag her in this post so she can see what I said! She blocked me! I need her to know I'm letting everyone know she's a scammer!!
thaliahappyone@kiyy if you like something from my closet let me know i love your nike
dresscode468is this more like a 6 or 8 fit?
kiyy@dresscode468 I'm honestly not sure I just know it's a medium
cheapsale2014Hi,I'm so sorry bothering you ! Just wanted to let you know,I have a FEMALE MANNEQUINS,that I think you could use ! If you are interested please let me know,have a great evening,thanks😘
violet17K & I have the bottoms too in another listing
kiyy@violet17 I just need the top , thank you 😄😁
kira109@kiyy I was liking but its probably too narrow for me I have Extremely wide feet:)
kiyy@nk1120 interested ?
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