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Kellie's Closet


kelliejones1@ladyb_saintsfan - MUCH more BEAUTIFUL in person. U have a beautiful family. :)
ladyb_saintsfanAw thnx girl! It is beautiful but a little... Dare I say.... Too glitzy for me! But they are the most amazing sunglasses I think I've ever seen!😎
misslonginoWill these come with the box and dust bag?
kelliejones1@misslongino sorry I just back in town. We had a death in our family this week. πŸ˜” I only have the dust bag. The box got lost in between moves. 😣 I love these heels. I hate to sell but no use to keep them if I can't wear them. Thanks a bunch. 😊 me know if you would like to purchase
kelliejones1@12akirkland - Thank u so much for the info. I will check it out for sure. :)
mdbmarissaHey this dress is beautiful✨ I was wondering if you would consider donating it for a good cause there is a note listing on my page and the foster children this would go to really deserve to wear a dress of this beauty for the nightβ™»οΈπŸ’Ÿ so if you are interested I can tag you if not I completely understand!! have an amazing day
lovelyhawks@kelliejones1 wow I love all your stuff πŸ’•πŸ’•β€ lmk what you like and maybe we can do massive trade lol
ssam0208Heel height?
kelliejones1@ssam0208 - hi there. :) sorry I'm not at home. We are out of town. I am 99% sure though they are 3 1/2 - 4 in heel. I know that for sure. I LOVE these boots. I can't wear heels anymore. That's the only reason I'm selling these :(
kelliejones1@plenty2sale4u - I will look at your items when I get home so I might possibly do a trade. ;)
kelliejones1@cmrodas- thank you for your purchase and I will send these out first thing Monday morning. I hope you love them 😊😊😊
cjsoccerx11You're fine!! No worries! Would you consider a trade or partial trade maybe?
annanewtHey girlie! Interested in these and coach boots. Can we trade for the outfits you liked in my closet?
kelliejones1@crystalhope38 I can do 25.00. Do u have pp. if u do I can do 20 plus 7.00 shipping. I paid 24.00 for it and it's brand new. Thank u. Sorry just getting back to u. I was out of town :)
kelliejones1@annanewt -hi there girl. I wanted to let you know that I have your boots boxed and ready to ship. We had a HORRIBLE storm this morning and power lines were down. Our post office closed at 11:00am so when I went about 1:30 this afternoon I found out. I am so sorry. I will ship in the morning. Thanks a bunch again I am so sorry.
kelliejones1@tuneberg hey girl. I mailed ur package. I am so sorry it was a little late. I have worked a CRAZY HEAVY schedule this week. πŸ˜• I hope u love them. ☺️☺️
nym87@kelliejones1 thanks :) I've been so busy this weekend trying to get work done before the holidays start, I've forgotten about these beauties. Hopefully they come in by Wednesday so I can take them on travel.
nym87@kelliejones1 Might you have the tracking number for the shipment? Posh has yet to email me the tracking information and confirmation of shipment. I am leaving tomorrow to fly out of state and will not be home until Monday. If the shoes are expected to come in tomorrow, I would like to be home, inspect the item and release the funds to you asap. Thanks!
kelliejones1@mckitrick hey girl I just dropped your package off at the post office. They said because it's priority and may not go out till in the morning I am so sorry I did not know that. I didn't know that priority mail has to be there before 4 o'clock and I had a heavy work schedule this week. So I'm assuming you should have it Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Message me when you get a girl and I hope you love it as much as I did. :) enjoy.
kelliejones1@mckitrick - thank you for the great rating. :) glad u love it and I hope u enjoy it!!! :)
kelliejones1@ermolyelena Thank you girl I really appreciate it and I'm glad you love the dress. I'll let you know when I hear from them also
ermolyelenaOk, deal! :-)
kelliejones1@greeks2 - hey girl. I got these mailed yesterday. I hope u love them. I am so sorry I was a little late sending them. I am in the processing of moving. :/ it's a JOB!! Plus I have a business, 2 kids, and my 4 dogs ( outside dogs though ) so I stay BUSY!!! Lol!!! Overloaded all the time. :)
kelliejones1@greeks2 - thanks girl for the AWESOME rating. I hope u love the heels. :) Take care and have a great day!!
kutterbestI wish I knew where to find another exactly like this .. Do you remember the style
kelliejones1@kutterbest - I am so sorry! No I don't remember. Have u looked an Prada website? It was like 795..... Of course when it was new. ;)?
kelliejones1@dalkomia - hey girl! Sorry I have been out of town. They sent me an email saying that it hasn't been shipped and order was cancelled :/ but if it was already sent then when I receive it I will go in and click accept charged or I will email them. This has happened before and that's what I did and they will go in and reset it so the charge will go thru. It should be fine. ;) thanks girl. So has it already been sent? I haven't received a tracking number. I will double check to make sure. :)
dalkomiaso sorry...my bf forgot to send it out=/ he forgotten and the whole time i thought he did. If want to re-purchase i promise ill do ship it immediately to you. I can also give u a huge disct on the bracelet as well if ur still interested. If not its understandable..thank u
uniquelyloved30It's okay , I TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU ! I will email you also. I don't think she is a Mk expert! Lol I will email u:)
kelliejones1@uniquelyloved30 -Thank you girl I really appreciate it so much. I bought it I think in the Air Force Base in Florida.
kelliejones1@sweetmarie51 - hey girl. Thank u so much. That's so sweet. That really meant alot. It's nice to hear kind words. :) I will message u when I post more items. I am opening on Friday so I will list more when I calm down some. It will be soon though. :)
sweetmarie51Sounds great
samanthaamos11Bought these brand new but they were stollen & some1 on here is selling hers. Just wanted to know how much u sold these for? Thanks
styleddbyceeShared.. Please share mine <3
kelliejones1@phoebescloset11 - sure thing babe. I just sent email. Sweet dreams love. Thank u so much!!!' :)
kelliejones1@phoebescloset11 - now what we can do is go in and see who had viewed this page and see who is being the nosy people. I have an app on my phone that tells me who viewed any of my profiles on anything I have. So now that we posted the those bogus comments about Posh we can see who was running their mouth. People must have nothing better to do. But I am ur witness that the messages on here were staged to see who was running their mouth about us. That's how u have to do it girl. U have to get on their level. Sad but true my friend. :) take care girl. I will send out ur purse today. I still want the 3 shirts. Is that ok to do and even trade. The purse was 145 but I will trade items with u but I will go down to 115 for u. Thanks babe
karvala68I'm sorry to hear of your health, I hope everything will balance itself out ... maybe w/some time off & slowing it down a bit will help? I had to "retire" early from my career due to health reasons also. It's harder than it sounds! So sorry to hear/think of what may be going thru ur head during this transitional time. Take ur time, be kind to urself & I look forward to seeing new items in ur closet when the time comes. U hv a great sense of style & similar taste & sizes! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! - KristenπŸ’‹
karvala68YES, PLEASE! (RE:msging me when u have added new items) A pleasure to make acquaintances! *;D.
ahron2633Hey, the boots you offered, I can do 155 with pp. lmk I can just send it with the dress you purchased. They are fabulous. I wish they would have fit me😞
kelliejones1@decadentdepot -I knew u would. It's a HOT dress. I am so glad you loved it. I will be posting more items next week. ;) take care girly!! :)
sweetdoll22Hey Honey- Oh Noooo 😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!! I πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– this dress!!! I just didn't think I had a need for the other one that I just "liked" that I though you were thinking I was interested in purchasing too! I absolutely Lβ™₯VE it too, but have nothing that I am going to anytime soon to wear it too, & also have a Marciano dress kinda similar to it. That's all, sweetheart!!! 😍😍😍 We are still good for the trade. You are a sweetheart! I am more than happy to help you in whatever questions you have or need. I think we might have similar body shapes too. I am in between 5'3 & 5'4 Height wise. Bra: 34D / 36C , & about 140 (& trying to loose the extra weight I gained from the medication I have to take from the Doc that he put me on ) . So let me know your thoughts or questions & I am more than happy to help you sweetheart. I also have lots of other stuff that I haven't even listed yet, so if there is anything in particular that you need & are looking for, please let me know. I might just have it! 😍 I hope that helps you, sweets! Let me know!
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