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Janet's Closet


jrob681@temofc the shirt is for the bear so it's small
temofc@jrob681 uuups lol... cute let me ask to my sister if she likes it ok pls n thank u for answering my questions :)
ms_reddins@jrob681 you're welcome!
bmooney10@jrob681 I am so very sorry that you never received the item that you purchased from me!!! My mother is in ICU and I recently started a new job and I've been in Training Classes 6 days a week from 6am - 7pm! I did drop your package off @ the PO the following Monday... 7/22/13... Apparently it was after the last p/u time. Therefore... your package was dated wrong for p/u on Tuesday the 23rd!!! I wasn't made aware of this as my mail gets delivered to my mother's house and she has the key to her mail box and The PO didn't contact me on my cell as they tried to leave messages on my mom's answering machine and it was full due to her circumstances of being hospitalized! I have your package in my possession now and I noticed that you cancelled your order... which I do not blame you at all... however i did want to let you know the reason for me not responding nor shipping! If you would still like the booties, I will sell them to you for $8 and I will also include a gift. If not... I completely understand! However, if you do decide to re-purchase... Plz do lmk and I'll change the price for you!!! I will print the shipping label early in the morning as I cannot print it until the date of actual shipment and my sister has already agreed to come by my place and drop your package off at the post office tomorrow morning!!! Therefore you should receive it by Friday or Saturday @ the latest! Again I genuinely apologize for this in discrepancy on my part and I feel terrible about this whole entire ordeal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I hope you have a nice evening!
jrob681@barisaxy they are blue
jrob681@darlenern. Thank you for your purchase. In have packed your order and will drop off tomorrow morning at post office.
clsheehan@jrob681 hi, just to update you my daughter told me the top arrived and its gorgeous and wants to steal it .. I can't wait to see it myself.. Thanks for the great deal..
jrob681@clsheehan thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy it
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