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Jordan's Closet


andreagarzonDo you still have them and do you have the box?
alexism802Hi Hun ! If you are interested I sell mind blowing inexpensive top quality virgin hair lmk if you need 💇💇
micoco74274If you are still interested in virgin Brazilian hair please come check out my closet I have very affordable prices and the lengths are from 12"-26" :) hope to hear from you soon
annimelAre you going to ship these
annimelCan you let me know if you are going to ship or if I need to cancel the order.
luvvkayyHi I saw you comment on the metallic blue dr martens you liked but someone brought them before you I have the silver ones if you interested
fernandacgomez@jordanscottxoxo heeey i have them i just tag you, I can negociate the price
tvaxoI have a pair of Ralph Lauren high waisted jeans
jordanscottxoxo@xcatherinex nicely put . im about to , she really waisting my time
forbeautyssake@jordanscottxoxo @xcatherinex ooh be careful on here ladies, I have gotten scammed too. I don't want to punish the next person who wants to trade but heck, I think I'm done trading. These people on here be FRAUDS smh!
mercy09Dam she piping out hun you do not want Brest the size I have them lost of back ack with mine :-)
ree_xoLove your closet ! They sell these dresses cheap at ross
jordanscottxoxo@shopjodidays oh okay sure no problem. i have to find them . and then i can send them october 25th.
brookeashleyxoOh dang I needed the money today, but sure thing
jordanscottxoxo@brookeashleyxo i bought 2 shoes the other day . and then i saw your shoes and i was like damn bc ive been looking for them. but like i said , just give me a few days ..
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