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lmpalkoYes please!
jf0602@lmpalko posted photos! I put new heel liners in but they can be easier removed without leaving a mark.
ramseylphelpsCan't even imagine being able to afford a bag like this. Wow
jason05Can I see serial code 3 degits inside?
kiannCan you post the actual photo olease
jf0602@kiann just posted. Sorry for the delay. My price is firm right now.
jf0602@nljorda1 I know right? I don't wear them enough to justify keeping it!
nljorda1they are just stunning!!!!!
misstaylorperryhi do you trade?
lizziemcminnWish I was your size :( love these! Have some chanel cc earrings you may be interested in?
maureen888S͙u͙p͙e͙r͙ H͙u͙g͙e͙ C͙o͙n͙g͙r͙a͙t͙s͙ o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ G͙i͙r͙l͙y͙ E͙s͙s͙e͙n͙t͙i͙a͙l͙s͙ P͙a͙r͙t͙y͙ H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!! 🌟🌟✨💫
alyssw12Congratulations on your fab host pick! 🎉🎈🎀
ojcacAre you selling the bag by any chance @jf0602
jf0602@ojcac nope but it's still avail at jcrew!
jf0602@jaguirrre I'm not sure how to answer that but there is a photo posted of how it looks on.
jaguirrreI know. It's hard to tell! Ty
lagoldy44@jf0602 LOVE these shoes but cannot buy until January 1. I'll be back ♡♡♡
jf0602@fashiondoll05 changed the price for you.
jf0602@fashiondoll05 hi please let me know if you're still interested in these, if not I'll change the price back. Thank you.
jf0602@mrsbrookecurley I didn't think it was too form fitting.
starcatCould you please provide me with some bust and length measurements? Also are there any more flaws?
telegraphAre the narrow? True to size or not?
jf0602@telegraph I didn't find them too narrow. I'm a true 7 and these fit me perfectly, I have a new heel liner in there as well for a more comfortable fit. If removed, could fit someone in between a 7-7.5 I suppose, but these are really comfortable for me. I hope that helps!
jf0602@krpatterson just posted.
krpattersonThank you so much! I think it's a little short for what I wanted though unfortunately. Thanks for the quick response.
msimperfeckt💟 🙋 hi there. Browsing and sharing 👏 Just wanted to compliment you on your item. 💟✌️ Xoxo @msimperfeckt
tayloradalyHi! Can you provide measurements please? Thanks in advance!
sakshi9984Wohooo Congrats
read247Working 9🕘 to 5🕔 in style! Congratulations on your host pick! ⌚👗👠💼
kyliebriennA big and beautiful congratulations to you on your awesome Host Pick at last night's Back to School Posh Party. Cheers to many MORE sales and even MORE followers! Great job, girl.
alisonhascoolWould you consider a trade?
annwalter31@jf0602 just got this dress in the mail and am wondering why it doesn't have the inner tag that has the care instruction and the authenticity code. Also no size tag
jf0602@annwalter31 The tags were cut because it was uncomfortable when I wore it but I left the label on. I only dry cleaned this dress. All my items are authentic. Thanks.
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