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jessicayfloresHey there @lisamarie2269! This item is still available. Thanks for your interest!
jessicayflores@sharlenemaquino Please read the description. Thanks for your interest!
jessicayflores@buffluv72 I think $35 is fair for Coach shoes in this condition, but feel free to make any future offers using the "offer" button. Thanks for your interest!
kjrsellsI absolutely love your closet!! mind checking mind out?! thanks :)
suchiruHi there, I saw somewhere you were interested bj multicolor cles. I have one in preloved condition, that I am considering putting up for sale, will you be interested to see?
jessicayflores@suchiru Not sure I'm interested in purchasing at the moment but feel free to tag me on your listing if and when you post it.
mariaknycYes extra pics would be great! Any signs of wear? How often was it worn?
jessicayflores@mariaknyc Not very often. I stayed home to raise my daughter for a year so it has just been hanging in my closet. Great condition and you can't beat the price. I'll post more photos tomorrow. Thanks for you interest.
jessicayflores@mrskurek2014 Thanks for your interest. These shoes are not my size (too small) but I can try if you'd like. What exactly do you want to see? Thanks again.
mrskurek2014Just wanted to get a better idea of the style. 😊
smogggWhat is the heel height?
jessicayflores@smoggg The heel is about 4 inches but the shoe has a 1 inch platform. Thanks for your interest!
jessicayflores@wanderlust18 These aren't my size. Just took these photos in them to give folks an idea of what they look like. Thanks for your interest!
jessicayflores@wanderlust18 hey there. Do you have any further questions?
showme2themall🎶🎤🎶 So go on, go on and break my heart I'll be okay, there's nothing you can do to me That's ever gonna break me So go on, go on and leave, my love Out on the street, I'm fearless Better believe I'm fearless, fearless 🎶🎤🎶Congrats💃💕on your "Fun & Fearless" host pick🎉👀🎉
mizzpinay1980Yeay! Congrats on your FAB "Fun & Fearless" HP!!
joannamichele81aw, my pleasure!!
taadow81I looked through the comments but didn't see measurements. If you would, please provide bust & waist
jessicayflores@brit6966 Hey there, Brittany. Thanks for your interest in my dress but I'm afraid $15 is very low. This is an $80 dress from a limited edition designer collaboration that is new with tags. I think a 25% discount (the price that it's currently listed as) is quite fair. But thanks again for your interest!
tippiejaxFabulous closet!
mrsdiva703Have a great weekend!
jessicayflores@t_ms_sincerity Hey there! I'm so sorry I missed your message and only just saw read. Thanks so much! Hope you're well!
sjeischenCongratulations on your fabulous host pick! Perfect party selection!! ❤️❤️
jessicayflores@sjaramillo3 I was a co-host last night but thanks.
ashbrookedupI wamt these too
jessicayfloresHey there @ashbrookedup! Thanks for your interest in these shoes. You mentioned you want these "too" but I don't know what other item(s) you're referring to. Thanks again!
jessicayflores@bcgreer @marieminx I'm sorry ladies. This dress is no longer available. Perhaps something else in my closet at interest you? Thanks for your interest regardless.
xfashionxLove your closet, it's very cute :)
bootstobusinessI'm new to the Posh World & I'm already in Luvvvvv!!!! I'd love to support if you ever host anything in Atlanta. Thanks for the advice & encouragement!
janicegwCongratulations on your FABULOUS Host Pick at tonight's Date Night Party!❤️🌹🎁
little_thingDefinitely fit for the fun and fearless party!!
sjeischenCongratulations on your fabulous host pick! Perfect party selection!! ❤️❤️
jessicayflores@sjeischen I was a co-host last night but thanks.
jessicayflores@mika1212 Yeah, they're a really comfortable heel for the Summer.
crimsonbelleHi! Just wanted you to know the Emma pencil case is available cheaper on belks website. I just saw it under the Kate spade stuff 😀
mikmericaLove the hat! Simply adorable.. Had one just like it that I lost in a move if you ever drop the price I'll be first to bite :)
jessicayflores@mikmerica Thanks! Feel free to make me an offer using the offer feature at any time.
nayjay3Congratulations on your Host Pick!!!✨🌟🌟
vanessa_03Congratulations on your gorgeous Back to Basics Host Pick!
ros2123dimHi @jessicayflores ! Im interested with your bag. There is an offer button so i tried to make an offer. Some seller negotiate thru that. Sorry if your not happy with my offer. I just tried.
jessicayflores@ros2123dim No need to apologize. I did see your offer but, as I mentioned above, I think $30 is fair so I had to decline. I also mention in my description that the price is firm. Thanks agin for your interest!
kyliebriennCheers, missy! Congratulations on the ever-so-chic host pick from last night's Fall Forward Party! Here's to many MANY more followers and sales on the app we all adore so much. xoxo
jessicayflores@all4designer Thanks for selecting my item as a host pick! 😘
jessicayflores@ruffledrepublic As I said, these items have already been reduced. If you think $15 is too much for this beautifully beaded top and the lace top, then thank you for your interest and I'm sure you'll find something you'll love at a price you're comfortable with in another closet. Have a great day.
allaboutmeposh@jessicayflores I totally luv ur closet ... Please share my closet thank you
lisamarie2269Please tell me this is for sale. .ill purchase now
jessicayflores@lisamarie2269 I'm afraid I don't have this one anymore. Sorry but thanks for your interest!
classictwistsThank you and enjoy New Orleans! Don't forget to get a beignet ❤️🎄🎉
lindseypiatek@jessicayflores would you model it?
sjeischenCongratulations on your fabulous host pick! Perfect party selection!! ❤️❤️
jessicayflores@sjeischen I was a co-host last night but thanks.
jessicayflores@linz152 Hey there! I dropped it off at the Jackson Heights, NY (11372) post office on Saturday. I think you should have it by tomorrow or Wednesday. Can't wait for you to receive it! Xoxo
linz152Great - thanks! I can't wait!
jessicayfloresHey there @neworleansla! You're right! My husband is from here so we come for the holidays and a few more times throughout the year. Happy New Year!
neworleanslaAwesome, then ya'll know where to go and where not to go! Happy New Year and God bless!
lulu2527@jessicayflores sorry sweetie not ur fault at all it wouldn't let me go to problems without rating you but the neighbor had it so I got it!! Thanks slot it's great I'll change my rating! Sneaky neighbor!
jessicayflores@lulu2527 So so glad to hear it! Happy poshing!
jessicayflores@reenscloset Thank you so much! Of course. I love Poshmark and the community they've created. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything. Xoxo
reenscloset@jessicayflores Awww your welcome & Thanks.. Your really sweet.. ❤️☺️😘😘 I Love genuine Women like myself..
alexislovebeeThank you so much for the share. Have a wonderful holiday love! 💕💕
jessicayflores@alexislovebee My pleasure! I love your closet! Hope to see you soon!
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