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Jessica's Closet


ramdes1990@jesshereandnow can I purchase today? If so will you be able to ship out today? I'm in desperate need of this dress for my brothers wedding
jesshereandnow@ramdes1990 I can ship out first thing tomorrow
mzlzIs this the bag you are going to post? How much?
kc1osetHi @jesshereandnow! CanI pleaseget the measurements of the dress?
jesshereandnow@ellenc34 dropped them in the mail yesterday, but it was a postal holiday so they should start making their way to you today.
ellenc34@jesshereandnow thanks so much!! Can't wait! Did the Post Office give you a tracking number?
jesshereandnow@visorgurl I actually just left the post office, but will go back before the end of the day
visorgurlYayyy My sister is SOOO freakin excited!!!! Thank u
ellybunnieOk great. That may be a little too fitted for a jacket on me but at such a great price it's hard not to just buy! Thanks for the info.
emmarie04Stil available?
jesshereandnow@prettyqulia I'm sorry that it doesn't fit you like you expected, but the size listed here is the size that the garment tag carries as well. A kimono is usually a more draped, relaxed piece, maybe you can grow to love it. I'm just not sure what you are trying to dispute. I take my sales and reputation on Poshmark very seriously.
jesshereandnow@prettyqulia again, I understand that you personally do not like the fit of the item, but was it anything that I did to misrepresent the listing? I work very hard for my top rating, and am disappointed that you felt this interaction deserved a 1⭐️ listing.
jesshereandnow@natashanoire were there problems? Interested in why I received only 4 stars. Feedback welcome so I can make the experience better for future buyers.
natashanoireOh no problems! I just noticed a good amount of pet hair inside the purse. I just need to clean it a bit. I love the bag though :)
jesshereandnow@mmchugh01 I am 5'3", and the material is a crepe
mmchugh01Okay, thank you so much for being so helpful, but unfortunately I'm 5'7, so this will be too short on me. :(
tashchan@jesshereandnow Ok thanks, and please let me know when they are available to sell, thank you!
tashchan@jesshereandnow Hi it's been about a month now- have you found these earrings yet? Please lmk, thanks!
jesshereandnow@alyssonc pull over, but it has some nice stretch and isn't difficult.
alyssoncOkay thanks. What's the material? I'm a 34 DD...sometimes DDD, so I'm so little concerned, haha
heathershuCould it fit like xs? And I'm 5"2 would this work for me ? I know your busy with the party prepare so long as you LMK tomorrow . Thanks 😘😍😍😍😍😍😍
misasmiles@jesshereandnow Thank u! Love it!
jesshereandnowAwesome! (Sorry I put my phone down and lost it for a few hours πŸ˜‰) doing it now!
jesshereandnow@terry_nitka sorry for the delay, shipping tomorrow!!
jessica_d@jesshereandnow thank you!! Let me know when you ship it:)
jessica_d@jesshereandnow hi umm just wondering if you can ship it by tomorrow:) just let me know thanks!
jesshereandnow@dils1 is that included in the Poshmark pre-paid label? I will have to look up the policies and let you know.
kalyn_423@jesshereandnow Congratulations on Co-Hosting tonight's party! I know that you're probably super busy but if you have a moment, could you possibly take a peek at my closet for a possible Host Pick? I would appreciate it dearly and I hope you have a wonderful time tonight and a great day! ❀️❀️
jesshereandnow@Andreconnie sorry for the delay! It is going out today and I'm including a little something extra :)
andreconnielooking FW to it! :)
jesshereandnow@pass4kara sorry for the delay! It is going out today and I'm including a little something extra :)
pass4karathanks @jesshereandnow i love it! :)
jesshereandnow@msue123 you can go ahead and purchase again, Poshmark will refund your earlier orders :)
msue123Ah- got it. Thank you! First timer. :)
cielo2013@jesshereandnow alway happy with d items i gt from u..but this time the coat its condition is wore too much snag.could i gt exchange or just d return d coat? how this works?
jesshereandnow@cielo2013 I'm sorry to hear that that is your opinion. The jacket is in excellent used condition. Cleaned and well taken care of. Please operate through the Poshmark policies to initiate a return, if you so wish.
jesshereandnow@msue123 thank you for purchasing. Unfortunately, I don't get to dictate the shipping, that is all done on Poshmark's side. But if you let me know what you want & I'll bundle it all into 1 listing so you only pay for shipping once 😊
msue123That would be great! Thanks! I just also ordered a teal/yellow necklace. PS- LOVE your blog!!
jaaayneeysighs, i checked their online store and unfortunately they don't have it anymore. thanks though for letting me know. i appreciate it :)
bellanblue@jesshereandnow hi Jessica! Congrats on hosting! If you have a minute, pls browse my closet for any possible HPs. I've just added new items. Thanks in advance. See you tomorrow! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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