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Jessalyn's Closet


jessc1152@cloheskyy1 I'm sorry Hun not looking to trade but I would be willing to negotiate
jessc1152@beckydoudna Thank you for all of your likes! I would be happy to create a bundle at a discounted price !
tammyk289✨💞✨Congratulations on your Party Host Pick last night ‼️✨💞✨
jessc1152@sassydaggal I can do $15 if you are interested!
pattywI wish I didn't man I love this but I think it would smash me
jessc1152@pattyw It may not it is very stretchy!
pamelam🎉🎈🎊So SORRY I missed last night!!!🎉🎈🎊. CONGRATULATIONS on your Host Pick!!🎉🎈🎊
tammyk289✨💞✨Congratulations on your Party Host Pick last night ‼️✨💞✨
jessc1152@taylermiller5 Yes if you are an xs it will def fit.. it is meant to be a little lose fitting :) as for picture I can take one tomorrow, I'm not home and it's there :)
taylermiller5Okay sounds great please tag me when the pics are up 😊
janicegwCongratulations on your fabulous Host Pick at tonight's Live from NYC Summer in the City Party! ❤️🌹🎁
showme2themall🗽🗽🎶🎶In New York..congrats! on your host pick🎉🎉🎈🎈
emlangeWhat are the dimensions?
jessc1152@emlange Hey! I just saw this ... if you are still interested I will measure tomorrow after work and get back to you!
jessc1152@calisteph74 It is even cuter on! I just had surgery or else I would try it on for you .. I'm 5'1 and it came like an inch above my knee. would fit you perfect I think!
princessluisanaWill u accept $20? I can buy now .
ness831@jessc1152 would you consider a trade ?
jessc1152@ness831 Im sorry hun I'm not interested in trading at this time but I would be willing to negotiate :)
918shopper@jessc1152 ....thank you so much! I love these shorts!
jessc1152@918shopper You are welcome!!! They will be on their way end of today :)
dramaless👏👏👏👏Congrats on your LOVELY HP🎉🍷💟💐💐💟🍷🎉
showme2themall🗽🗽🎶🎶In New York..congrats! on your host pick🎉🎉🎈🎈
molokoDo you happen to take Paypay?
jessc1152@moloko I usually don't but I would be willing to take it. It would be $35 then including shipping. I'm going to head to bed now but if your are interested for sure you can give me your email address and I can send you an invoice on PayPal tomorrow :)
goosemaryIf that offer is too low let me know, I really love the blazer!
goosemaryHmm is this even available anymore?
jessc1152@rebeccac2013 It does stretch and is not super tight.. I can take measurements for you tonight if you are still interested!
rebeccac2013yes! Thanks!
xadriennexThank you so much it fits perfect and looks amazing!
jessc1152@xadriennex Great!!!! So so happy you liked it! Have a Happy Holiday :)
jessc1152@paris4me2 I can do $15
carrinweeksCan I see it on, how many inches is it on the smallest setting?
jessc1152@kirsys Id be willing to negotiate or bundle :)
jessc1152@skpaquette Thank you for your purchase! I've been on vacation but will be back this Friday and they will ship then! :)
jessc1152@goldamae Shopping in your sleep lol good choice lol they are a beautiful shoe & brand new, never worn!! Would you like me to ship them ?
goldamae@jessc1152 lol!! it such a habit for me to browse through posh before I hit the sack. I've contacted posh to see what they can do. I will keep you posted as soon as I hear back from them.
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