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Alicia's Closet


lilyk991Please make an offer if see anything you like in my closet. I'll do the same :)
italian_bellasmall for me but this is super cute!! 😍😍
itsmenola@annibella this is one of my favs but just a bit tight on me. Otherwise I wouldn't be selling it.
annibellaCute but color not for me.
itsmenola@brykja I'm selling Katie's dress :) I sold the same dress of mine on here. Great outlet to sell BM dresses!
brykja@itsmenola good to know!!
nj100If u ever change your mind about considering trades! :-) <3
itsmenolaThanks for the offer @nj100, these are my bosses so I won't consider trading :-/
itsmenola@thaonguyen1972 I just listed these. The price is $40. If you offer me a reasonable offer I'll consider it. $19-20 will be rejected.
itsmenola@thaonguyen1972 $37 is best and final offer.
itsmenola@maddiej328 approx measurements 14" waist, 19 1/2" widest part and 16" length. It has a side zipper. It doesn't fit me anymore or if keep it. It's so pretty!
itsmenola@maddiej328 please keep in mind those measurements are from The skirt laying flat.
bobalicioushi can you please tell me the measurements? thanks!
itsmenola@bobalicious I'll measure the length and waist line when I get home tonight!
callmekarrieI have the exact same pair ☺️
itsmenola@callmekarrie they're so cute! I just don't do the classes I used to do so I have no use for them :(
vcacevicDarn I really love these.
itsmenola@vcacevic keep looking on posh, maybe you'll find your size!
itsmenola@lexi2552 so sweet! Just "like" this photo. Then go to your likes and you can click on my username! That's what I do to closets I love :)
lexi2552Ok awesome. Thanks!!
moonbunnytooCongrats!! Saw posh shares this on fb! How awesome 😁
itsmenola@moonbunnytoo thanks!!! It was so much fun!
ashleyw1690Hey, I'm just trying to help some poshers out here. There's a new app called m-e-r-c-a-r-i (spelled without the dashes of course) and they take no commission away from sales, so what you sell for is what you get! Use the code JFEMEZ when you sign up to get $10 in free credits to spend on whatever you want on there.
itsmenola@ashleyw1690 stop advertising on my page and others. I'm reporting you.
sbklsWhere did you get your shoes??
itsmenolaHi @sbkls sam! I got these at Zara last year. Maybe you can find them on sale in someone's poshmark closet!
julie48Such a cute idea!
itsmenola@julie48 I know, I can't take credit for creating it but I do love it! They look so good framed!
jamigoldI love these! Would you trade?
itsmenola@jamigold no sorry, I don't trade. They are priced to sell! Thanks for stopping by :)
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