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Kaii's Closet


imkaii@mika411 yes! But it's in my new poshmark! @khaileyescobedo ☺️
drkshdwwould u be interested in a prada nylon black trifold wallet. comes with original box with label on it. i lost the card, but it is authentic and its in excellent condition. just carried for a week. its tessuto leather inside and nylon outside...lmk if ur interested in a purchase
thesarahir@missyjo111 Hmm they are cute. But not feeling the open toes. I def need a shorter heel, like 4 and a half inch heel and shorter :) Thanks mama 😍💋
brickenhallowIs $50 the Marshalls price or the "compare at" price on the tag? Thanks!
brickenhallowDoes it still have the tag attached?
imkaii@crazyposh Yes!! I need to turn off my notifications, I've never had so many in my life lol I usually only use my phone but will have to consider a PC now! I'll give your closet a look😊💋
lyricincolorStill available???
alex_lindemanAre these pretty comfortable? Like okay for being on your feet for a while?
victoriaveeDo you have another pair the same as these 🙏
imkaii@aynoko Hello! I'm so sorry for the lack of response. I have been logged into my new account and didn't get the notification. The heels have been shipped today with an extra gift! Friday's are my only days off from school and work. You should receive your heels very soon!💕
aynokoOk thank you. Lisa
jessicarn86Is the bust on this tight? I have a larger top area but usually I wear a small
misscrazyclcStill available?
angelicaaaWhat's the waist and hips measurements as well as the length?
k8reinhartInterested but concerned with the size. What size so you think it'd fit?
janicegwCongratulations on your AWESOME Host Pick at tonight's Work Week Essentials Party! ❤️🌹🎁
tgoode1💖💖💖Yeah, Host pick💖💖💖Congratulations💖💖💖
sonjasashaniko@corvus440 Thank you- I hope they fit me right!
corvus440@sonjasashaniko - If they don't fit right, let me know. I really love these boots. Oh, BTW you have a great closet.
imkaii@sonjasashaniko @sonjasashaniko I'm also a 4! The first pic is me. It's not right but it's a comfortable fit. I just think it was long arms but it's cute for that bohemian look! I would do $210 if you'd like the top as well. It's only been worn once for the shoot above.
sonjasashanikosounds good! please bundle and ship to me ASAP. Thank you
sonjasashanikodo the handles show any signs of wear? I have to ask if Authentic? will you ship with the dust bag? 😊
imkaii@sonjasashaniko yes shipped with dustbag! 100% authentic, no wear and tear on handles, I have used it maybe 3 times. Other then that it's just been in it's dustbag.
laurashawHave you shipped yet Hun?
imkaii@laurashaw sorry hun these were shipped out this morning! My roommate thought It was one of our moving boxes so she never shipped it out for me! You should receive them soon!! ^.^
imkaii@saxlover I can, but the soonest I can ship it out will be Saturday because I'm currently out of town.
saxloverOk. That works Please create the listing @imkaii
imkaii@alliemkelly hello:)! I shipped it out on Saturday, sorry for the delay I ran out of ink (printer). I also added a gift for the delay.
alliemkellyNo problem.. Thank you so much!!
adotsclosetOk awesome! thanks so much.
adotsclosetIt still says you have not shipped yet. Remember to click the I shipped it button in ur sales.
jaxbratStill no scan for shipment ...??
jaxbratOops so sorry, I should get it today....:))
imkaii@fromeastcoast I was out of town for a music festival but, I arrived home today and have everything ready to go out tomorrow morning including some extra gifts 💕
fromeastcoastAwesome, just curious ☺️ thank you!
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