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    To @hillaryshouston

    Beautiful! Thank you for the thoughtful gifts!

    Oct 6
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    To @hillaryshouston

    Omg. Best seller ever! All of the corona virus stuff going on the seller included a hand sanitizer! And the glasses are perfect for my grandmother. She loves them. Thanks so much! Stay safe out there 😷

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    To @brandy7876

    Omg thank you! I love you so much right now!! Fast shipping, beautiful package, clean great smelling clothes, who could ask for more!! You're the best xoxo 💋 Hillary Marek

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    To @anon6a057

    I can't pick it up from my apartment complex office because they are closed until Monday but I want to make sure that you get your money asap so I'm accepting on good faith and I'm positive it's going to be just as wonderful, as you are ! Don't worry I'll update this on Monday so I can ohh and ahh over every little thing I promise! xoxo 💋 Hillary