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Aerin's Closet


stalterI wear a 7 regularly. Do you know if midi sizes are sized to fit the top part of your finger or would I need a 5 if I'm reg a 7? These are so cute! Thanks!
hihaho@stalter oh no! Midi rings are designed to fit the top part of fingers - for this reason, midi rings are usually not described with sizing! :) it'll fit you.
hihaho@chimilios yes!! But I need to stand my ground and sell it to someone who appreciates the quality designer brand and who acknowledges how much of bargain this is! ;) thanks for your interest!
chimilios@hihaho ur welcome😊
rmistretta2Hi. You had a gorjana silver necklace previously listed but now it's gone. I was traveling for the last week and a half so was unable to purchase. Did someone else buy?
hihaho@reannamarie81 me too :) thank you! Now is the perfect weather for this cute puffer coat :)
andrea2493May you please take a picture with you wearing it?
sheelagohI'm doing wonderfully :) @hihaho It's gorgeous but I've gone back to Size 2 so this won't fit.
hihaho@sheelagoh I am 2 in that photo as well :)! It fits fine. Let me know :) I can do less
hihaho@lyann Hi lyann! Just a friend reminder of $1 shipping this weekend! And I'll drop the price from $50 to $40 if you would like to purchase!
catcarolinaI have these shoes! I can walk around NYC all day in them.
hihaho@catcarolina indeed! :) thanks for sharing and a positive comment ☺️
hihaho@pianochick6 hello! Price has been reduced. Still interested?
hihaho@tiffanyjasmine @pianochick6 @isooda hello ladies 😸 Just a friendly reminder that shipping is just $1 this weekend! 😻😽😽
hihaho@batasoy omg!! The line was so long 😭 but it has been dropped at the post office :) you'll get a notification tonight. :) thanks for your patience...!🙏
batasoy@hihaho thank you so much I appreciate it! I know the post office is not the most fun place to be lol. Thanks again !! I can't wait to get them ☺️
hihaho@lazinha I won't get your payment until you receive the package!
hihaho@pivarn thanks for all the sharing :)!!
hihaho@lshepheard oops tagged you wrong up there. Thanks for your purchase! I'll ship as soon as possible :)
lshepheardThanks @hihaho can't wait to get it
hihaho@sgini i am excited for you as well! It's such a staple in anyone's closet. Thank you for your purchase - I will ship as soon as I can. 😊
hihaho@sgini I just dropped it off at the local shipping service!! :)
hihaho@sedona12 I am so sorry! I wasn't able to ship the item today... I went to the ER on Saturday night and I was assured to stay in today. My post office won't be open tomorrow either- for the Martin Luther King Jr day. I am sorry! 😭i will sent this beautiful bag on Tuesday morning the first thing. Thank you so much for your purchase & your patience ❤️
hihaho@sedona12 hi! I just dropped it off at the post office 😁🎉🎈 but I have noticed that it takes hours to get the e-mail notification when I use this particular post office near my work. So please sit back and relax 🎈💃
hihaho@healing hello SongKyung ☺️ thanks for your offer!!! I can do $45 plus free shipping for you at the moment... So Would you take the offer of $41?
hihaho@healing Hello! I have packed & shipped it on 20th, though I never received the e-mail that it has been shipped! I called my post office and she said that it is in transit & expected to deliver by tomorrow (22ND). Thought not updated, here is the tracking number in case you are wondering: 9405510899359034876926 Go to usps.com to track it :)
hihaho@mrslillie :) thanks for your purchase 💕💕 i will ship the item as soon as I can :)💕
hihaho@mrslillie hello :) I dropped it off at the office today in the morning! /)!!!
hihaho@mjordan i am so happy to hear that they fit you! And I hope you don't mind the ghetto packaging haha i had to be creative to give you the shoe box too! Enjoy 💕💕💕
mjordan@hihaho not at all. Ur awesome...
hihaho@mfb Hello! I am on my way to the post office to drop the shipment off. 😍 I can't wait for you to receive them!
mfbCant wait! :) glad you're feeling better!
hihaho@aylastar hmm the total comes out to be $40+$45=$85... I can do $75 minus shipping so $70😋?
hihaho@dcshaiqinag thanks for your purchase!! Will ship asap 😊
hihaho@samlyloco yup I have! Around noon. I haven't received the shipping info yet though
samlylocoThat's fine! Just double checking:)
hihaho@fernandag27 looks like we got the e-mail notification! I am terribly sorry about the mix-up. I usually ship items thru the post officer but this time I had something so I opted for a drop-off option and this happened plus the easter weekend happened at the post office! Hopefully you receive the item soon and thanks for your patience again!! 🙏🙏 I'd love to give you extra discount on my other item if you are interested & fast shipping! Thank you!
werunbeauty1@fernandag27 hey babe I have the green "flash" )mirrored aviators that I haven't posted yet, also with the box case etc
ehbaker@hihaho thanks. The pic posted is accurate of the way it looks right?
hihaho@ehbaker yes :D will go to the post office soon!
hihaho@kluna886 you should get an e-mail soon saying an electronic shipping has been created sometime today! Thanks for your purchase doll :)
kluna886Ahhh Thanx so much you didn't have to rush if its that bad out there, appreciate it 😘
rezaaminahHi! I JUST received them and I love them! They are lighter-weight than I assumed but that's a plus! Thank you for everything!
hihaho@rezaaminah ahh thank you so much for your purchase! :) I hope you enjoy 😘😘 and let me know if you want any other items! A pleasure doing business with you :)
hihaho@caricook02 hey Cari! I couldn't ship it out today 😭 I will make sure it gets shipped on Monday! Sorry for the wait but I am sure you'll like what you'll receive ❤️❤️
hihaho@caricook02 hello Cari! Looks like you received the perfume:) please hit "delivered" for me and I hope you enjoy the perfume!
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