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Aerin's Closet


myposhcloset_aI understand, sorry to hear about your trade experiences but in the future, if you decide to trade again, always read feedbacks from the person you're trading from etc. Just look for the $3 sales (haha) I've done several trades especially when I'm not too sure on purchasing and its worked out really well for me but I understand your reason. Thanks for replying anyways :-) @hihaho
hihaho@myposhcloset_a yeah... Thanks for your interest.
hihaho@chimilios yes!! But I need to stand my ground and sell it to someone who appreciates the quality designer brand and who acknowledges how much of bargain this is! ;) thanks for your interest!
chimilios@hihaho ur welcome😊
catcarolinaI have these shoes! I can walk around NYC all day in them.
hihaho@catcarolina indeed! :) thanks for sharing and a positive comment ☺️
hihaho@lazinha I won't get your payment until you receive the package!
hihaho@pivarn thanks for all the sharing :)!!
hihaho@pianochick6 hello! Price has been reduced. Still interested?
hihaho@tiffanyjasmine @pianochick6 @isooda hello ladies 😸 Just a friendly reminder that shipping is just $1 this weekend! 😻😽😽
rmistretta2Hi. You had a gorjana silver necklace previously listed but now it's gone. I was traveling for the last week and a half so was unable to purchase. Did someone else buy?
hihaho@warriorgirl08 hey there! No trades please but this is such a steal!
warriorgirl08Unfortunately I can only trade but thank you!!
hihaho@prettypinup ☺️ they are so cute... And the fact that it's a sling back with adjustable straps it gives really comfortable feel. I wish I was a bit shorter so I can wear them... But I am too tall for these gorgeous heels. 😭😩😩😩 as far as the fit, i'd say it's 7.5.
hihaho@prettypinup oh don't forget! It's 3.99 shipping today 😭 haha I have to work tomorrow in the city so I can ship it tomorrow if you want them right away
sheelagohI'm doing wonderfully :) @hihaho It's gorgeous but I've gone back to Size 2 so this won't fit.
hihaho@sheelagoh I am 2 in that photo as well :)! It fits fine. Let me know :) I can do less
hihaho@lyann Hi lyann! Just a friend reminder of $1 shipping this weekend! And I'll drop the price from $50 to $40 if you would like to purchase!
hihaho@lshepheard oops tagged you wrong up there. Thanks for your purchase! I'll ship as soon as possible :)
lshepheardThanks @hihaho can't wait to get it
hihaho@sgini i am excited for you as well! It's such a staple in anyone's closet. Thank you for your purchase - I will ship as soon as I can. 😊
hihaho@sgini I just dropped it off at the local shipping service!! :)
hihaho@sedona12 I am so sorry! I wasn't able to ship the item today... I went to the ER on Saturday night and I was assured to stay in today. My post office won't be open tomorrow either- for the Martin Luther King Jr day. I am sorry! 😭i will sent this beautiful bag on Tuesday morning the first thing. Thank you so much for your purchase & your patience ❤️
hihaho@sedona12 hi! I just dropped it off at the post office 😁🎉🎈 but I have noticed that it takes hours to get the e-mail notification when I use this particular post office near my work. So please sit back and relax 🎈💃
hihaho@healing hello SongKyung ☺️ thanks for your offer!!! I can do $45 plus free shipping for you at the moment... So Would you take the offer of $41?
hihaho@healing Hello! I have packed & shipped it on 20th, though I never received the e-mail that it has been shipped! I called my post office and she said that it is in transit & expected to deliver by tomorrow (22ND). Thought not updated, here is the tracking number in case you are wondering: 9405510899359034876926 Go to usps.com to track it :)
hihaho@mrslillie :) thanks for your purchase 💕💕 i will ship the item as soon as I can :)💕
hihaho@mrslillie hello :) I dropped it off at the office today in the morning! /)!!!
hihaho@mjordan i am so happy to hear that they fit you! And I hope you don't mind the ghetto packaging haha i had to be creative to give you the shoe box too! Enjoy 💕💕💕
mjordan@hihaho not at all. Ur awesome...
hihaho@mfb Hello! I am on my way to the post office to drop the shipment off. 😍 I can't wait for you to receive them!
mfbCant wait! :) glad you're feeling better!
hihaho@aylastar hmm the total comes out to be $40+$45=$85... I can do $75 minus shipping so $70😋?
hihaho@dcshaiqinag thanks for your purchase!! Will ship asap 😊
hihaho@samlyloco yup I have! Around noon. I haven't received the shipping info yet though
samlylocoThat's fine! Just double checking:)
hihaho@fernandag27 looks like we got the e-mail notification! I am terribly sorry about the mix-up. I usually ship items thru the post officer but this time I had something so I opted for a drop-off option and this happened plus the easter weekend happened at the post office! Hopefully you receive the item soon and thanks for your patience again!! 🙏🙏 I'd love to give you extra discount on my other item if you are interested & fast shipping! Thank you!
werunbeauty1@fernandag27 hey babe I have the green "flash" )mirrored aviators that I haven't posted yet, also with the box case etc
ehbaker@hihaho thanks. The pic posted is accurate of the way it looks right?
hihaho@ehbaker yes :D will go to the post office soon!
hihaho@kluna886 you should get an e-mail soon saying an electronic shipping has been created sometime today! Thanks for your purchase doll :)
kluna886Ahhh Thanx so much you didn't have to rush if its that bad out there, appreciate it 😘
rezaaminahHi! I JUST received them and I love them! They are lighter-weight than I assumed but that's a plus! Thank you for everything!
hihaho@rezaaminah ahh thank you so much for your purchase! :) I hope you enjoy 😘😘 and let me know if you want any other items! A pleasure doing business with you :)
hihaho@caricook02 hey Cari! I couldn't ship it out today 😭 I will make sure it gets shipped on Monday! Sorry for the wait but I am sure you'll like what you'll receive ❤️❤️
hihaho@caricook02 hello Cari! Looks like you received the perfume:) please hit "delivered" for me and I hope you enjoy the perfume!
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