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Jessica's Closet


hellojessicaa@dsalerno sorry for the delay! There was a passing of a family friend last week, will get photo up soon.
dsalerno@hellojessicaa I'm so sorry! No rush at all, really!
lovelydayclosetWoul you be willing to bundle this and the black lace shorts?
hellojessicaa@lovelydaycloset Yep! I can do both for $15, let me know if that works for you and I can create the bundle
abblebabble321Would you sell the shirt and the jumper for $30?
hellojessicaa@abblebabble321 hi there! I'm sorry, I only have the shirt available. The first photo is one I found of someone styling the shirt. Sorry for the confusion!
morgandeterNo worries! I'm going through the same thing. Prayers to you and yours! πŸ’•
hellojessicaa@morgandeter thanks for understanding and so sorry for your loss as well! πŸ’• my thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
kyliebriennCongratulations on your cozy Host Pick from last night's Sweater Weather Posh Party! Well deserved indeed :) Hope you gain a lot more followers from this accomplishment! Xo
baileybmillerI love this!
radakillIs it thin around the skirt aswell?
hellojessicaa@radakill hello! Do you mean if it's see through? I don't believe it is but I can double check for you
allyabstractYour closet is AMAZING! Please let me know whenever you post anything else American apparel or brandy melville!
hellojessicaa@allyabstract sure! Check out my sister's closet @ohheysambam for some brandy stuff as well!
hellojessicaa@seven_banana it's in great condition! Only wore it a few times. I can double check for anything wrong if you'd like.
radakillHey! Sorry for my late response I was waiting until I got paid. Would you do this and my recent like for 16?
tomalee@hellojessicaa Hi there, I would like to bundle this w/the daisy maxi I asked about last night. Lmk if you see this. Thank you:))
tomalee@hellojessicaa Hi there, I like this daisy skirt and the golden detail tee, will you make a bundle and tag me please? Thank you--no rush
hellojessicaa@jpec73 thanks for your purchase! Due to the holiday tomorrow, the package won't be scanned until Tuesday. Just wanted to give you a heads up!
jpec73@hellojessicaa no problem! thank you!
angxlicaYes please 😬
hellojessicaa@angxlica sorry for the delay! I measured the strap from one end to the other and the front part is ~5" (near the balls of your feet), the larger side is ~7". The bottom of where the balls of your feet would hit measures ~4" wide. Hope that helps!
_ray_chill_What is the lowest you'll do?
hellojessicaa@_ray_chill_ I changed the price of the listing to the lowest if purchased alone
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