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Hannah's Closet


maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr ѕтreeт ѕтyle parтy нoѕт pιcĸ!! 🏡🏫✨💃
onyxandorchid🌃Congrats on your Street Style host pick!!!🌃 -Sydney💋
maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr ѕтreeт ѕтyle parтy нoѕт pιcĸ!! 🏡🏫✨💃
onyxandorchid🌃Congrats on your Street Style host pick!!!🌃 -Sydney💋
itsloveVery worthy of celebration and may your listing sell sell sell!! 😉🙌🎉
onyxandorchid🌃Congrats on your Street Style host pick!!!🌃 -Sydney💋
tstull22What are the dimensions of the bag? Do you bundle and make better deals through 🅿️🅿️
coldenburgWhat is the length? Also, do you have a chest measurement? Thanks!
jinaginaCan I see the picture of back?
kellycoolcatHiya! I just shared your item because I read that it's a way to make friends on here! Obviously I'm new to Poshmark. Do you mind to share my first listing? I would so love to get people to see it!
kolynnWhat's the brand?
hannaho@chequi I do not have the box for this either
vivacouture@hannaho your new scarves listings are gorgeous !!😍😍😍
sakyong269How would u personally wear this scarf? Accent tied to a purse, maybe folded head band style? I'm just not sure about the dimensions tho I really love the piece.
hannaho@sakyong269 the money is going towards her rent at the assisted living facility so I'm trying to make most that o can off of her stuff:) you could wear it as a headband, around your neck, or on a bag!
jmi021984Please confirm this is authentic and would u be willing to take $200.00
hannaho@jmi021984 yes it is authentic. Please make an offer with the offer feature:)
hannaho@1tish Hi! This is brand new! It is a sweatshirt and there are no sequins missing. It looks like it in the 1st picture because one of the sequins was flipped in the other direction. Hope that helps! :)
1tishThanks. It does. Will be in touch soon.😊
hannaho@xomaegan I countered with my lowest yesterday. Feel free to accept it if you still want it:)
sparksaz@hannaho love your shop!! Wish you had more clothes my size:(
hannaho@deeniece1 I don't negotiate in the comments but feel free to make an offer with the offer feature:)
cindylou65Hi! What size does XL fit please?
cindylou65Hi! I was wondering what size XL fits please! I would like to purchase for my daughter for prom. Hope to hear from you soon 😊
aha86211Can u take a picture of the actual tank top
raisinglaneYes, a model picture of the actual tank would be great...trying to figure out how large it actually is...
gladysCongrats on the HP! Sharing it and hope it sells fast 🙏😊👏🎉👏🎈👍😍😘
ajceraso✨congrats✨ on your✏️✂️📌📎📖📚 office 👠️style ✏️✂️📌📎🍴📚
tienboi67Tried to make an offer for the bundle using this listing only & posh wouldn't allow me to make an offer more than your listed price. Would you be able to raise the price of this listing so that I could use the offer button? Thanks!
hannaho@tienboi67 To purchase a bundle, I need to make a custom listing for you. I'll do that right now and tag you on it when it is ready to be purchased
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