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    To @biggie82

    You are a super intuitive individual! I was totally having visions of these heels on my feet for a date. Lol but i was like Erika you arn’t wearing heels- you don’t need heels... and I was kinda shook when I saw them. I love their color + texture. & my size :) Thanks you so much- it is like a boost; go for it girl! haha I also adore the other items. Top fits so pretty and purse is just like I wanted it to be. Also, this overnight tote! And tops. You spoil me. Thank you so much. Came at such a good time too- end of a looong day. 💫

    Nov 12
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    To @rosamia8

    I love the card (: and I used a knife for jam this morning! Thank you.

    Aug 16