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Margareth's Closet


oceanjewelersJust wanted to pop in and let you know I'm excited for your party and happy co-hosting. 😆 I'm mostly a jewelry closet so if you haven't picked all your pieces definitely hope you get a chance to peek in my closet. Totally a posh rule girl too! YAY PARTY TIME!!
nikkixyzGreat meeting you!
glammarg@ahinnawi Sorry! I just got back to work and haven't shipped the order. But I will be shipping the order tomorrow morning! So sorry!
banfhiosaiche77Soooooo Cute & just reading where you got it you're making me so homesick! I've finally hit the 100 lb mark in weight loss, 107 lb officially Since coming back from my Drs appt about an hour ago! I can finally buy off the rack again & normal sizes on Posh. I really wanted this even tho ít may not fit for another 20 lb, I've 45 lb or so to go but I have a monkey (a little grivet) her pic is my avatar & when she would seer the gold embellishment on this top she wouldn't stop till she got them all off! They really are smart as she would remember it and if I left my closet open she'd know which shirt to grab! Will share it though, is so cute! God Bless Congrats!
banfhiosaiche77Meant to say love the spelling of your name. I'm Margaret to buy use the Gaelic spelling Maegi (Meggy) & Margharat (Margaret). Is your name from your families nation of origin? I'm originally from Armagh Ireland, came here after med school to get into a good residency in Geriatrics and then meet my wonderful husband who was giving me a ride to work when it snowed & the bus was out. He ran into Wawa to get us coffee and with the coffee he came out w/a couple of Cadbury eggs and told me he thought we could have 'eggs for breakfast'! Married him 9 mo later! We had 4 sons & raised my brothers 3 girls after his wife was killed on 9/11 and my brother took his own life after being on the phone with her when she died on the 6th floor running to get out when the building collapsed. So I guess you could say there were too many people I'd have to displace who didn't speak Gaelic to move too a little town where English was not the preferred language! God Bless Maegi
glammarg@bellanblue Shipped today! Sorry again! Thank you so much for being patient!
bellanblueYay thanks so much sweetie! 😀
eri_nordIs this high waisted?
glammarg@eri_nord I would say it should be worn anyway between the waist and hips. a little high waisted!
glammarg@ynar Hi! I have shipped it a couple of days ago. Sorry! I'm not sure if USPS has not scanned it in...
ynar@glammarg OK Thanks! I'm going to wait. I have not received any mail so far. Perhaps they are delayed by the holidays.
ajacobo17Thank you! Have a happy Thanksgiving!
glammarg@ajacobo17 Thank you! I'll ship on Monday. Have a wonderful and yummy thanksgiving!
havenb1Awwwww man! I was just admiring this awesome jacket and scrolled back through my likes and it was SOLD!! Ya snooze ya lose around here with all these amazing picks! Lol! Glad you sold it- it's beautiful:)
jazmyntleWill this ship soon?
glammarg@jazmyntle Sorrry! I have been sick and just got back to work to ship the order out. I have packaged it and shipped today. Hopefully USPS puts it out today or tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience!
anabel22I do prefer more fitted items. Would still appreciate the measurements. Thanks.
fumi1979Hi, I was wondering when you'll mail it, thanks!
meghanmaryI wish I had a Posh packing area at work 😜. This is so pretty! Might have to come back once some credits come through...
glammarg@meghanmary Lol! Gotta love PMHQ! 😄 Come visit if you're ever in CA!
zh0954@glammarg it might little big but I want to give a shot such a good price
glammarg@zh0954 I'll ship on Monday. I truly hope it works out for you!
jennbender@glammarg yes I would do that but just checked my account and wouldn't be able to do it till next Friday payday 😞😞 I will check back with you then and hopefully something will be left but thank you 😊
bellanblueCountdown til your party! Woot, woot! If you have a minute, pls browse my closet for possible HPs. I've just added new items that would fit your party theme. Thanks in advance. See you tomorrow. 🎉🎉🎉
emilypaige5CONGRATSSSS!!! you won the $5 giftcard towards any purchase in my closet because you are an amazing and friendly posher. It works on bundles and single items! it expires 8/30/14!! Feel free to ask an questions and negotiate!
atalal26Hey would you mind telling me where did u buy the mannequins from? Thank you
mizzpinay1980Congrats on you FAB HP!
gpaloI've been seeing so much of this dusty pink/blush color lately 😍😍 love it in leather!! So cute!
glammarg@spoookz Thank you! I will ship on Monday!
awmmmwhenever you get something like this again, can you tag me? I love them!
glammarg@tessad83 I posted a photo of the item worn! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
glammarg@tessad83 Thanks for the purchase! The mail man already came to my work today, so I won't be able to ship until Monday. Sorry! I hope that is ok!
reinlCongrats on your City Style HP!! ♥ (¯`v´¯) .`•.¸.•´ ★ ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨) (¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ♥ ★
lwschlprncss👏🎉👏🎊CONGRATULATIONS on your "City Style" Host Pick!!🎊👏🎉👏
foxandtheswanSorry had to cancel the first order because it had my old address! So for the shipping label make sure it goes to Los Angeles and not San Diego! Thanks😍excited
glammarg@foxandtheswan I'll definitely check when I print the shipping label. I'll ship tomorrow! :) thanks for purchasing!
glammarg@hollybee3 Sorry! I don't remember! I've bought it about 2 years ago and never wore it. I believe it was Urban Outfitters or Charming Charlie.
hollybee3That does help! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Have a blessed week!
pilulinaDoes this run true to size? Big? Small?
glammarg@pilulina Hi! I'm not too sure. It's a loose oversized top so it could be for a Medium or a Large in my opinion! I'm a medium and sometimes a Large and it fits me!
glammarg@z12 If you are interested in the black lucite flats, I can do $20 for both!
glammarg@z12 just a heads up, the shipping promo on poshmark ends today at midnight! Let me know if you're interested in anything :)
glammarg@wenfashionette hi! I shipped yesterday morning. Sorry for the delay! I was sick and wasn't at work to package and ship all my posh items. Sorry again! Hope you get the package soon!
wenfashionetteNo worries! Just needed to alert my sister, I'm in no rush, thank you and feel better!
jameginnBummer I missed out on these at this price :(
tricemeCongrats!!!!!!🎉☺️🎉 Can I please get a HOST PICK?
ridinghood13Congratulations on your gorgeous host pick! This is so summer fresh! 💙 💚 💛 💜 💓 💕 💖 💗 💘 💝 💞 💟 👍 👌 ✌
charlottefitzCongratulations Amazingly gorgeous, Ultra fabulous, 🎉🎈🎊 "Host Pick"🎊🎈🎉
carrion@glammarg I just couldn't resist adding your green neon clutch to my vintage & classic Lucite and Bakelite collection thanks so much for that super deal
shebee1991Yay congratulations on hosting! I hope you have a great night! Please check out my closet for potential host picks :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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