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Jennifer's Closet


genifurh@rew1095 Thanks girl!!! At work today. Will mail tomorrow ;)
genifurh@mbroughton I received your payment. Thank you! I will mail today and send you the tracking info to your email.
mbroughtonI received my shoes on Saturday, thanks so much.
akmantiaAwesome! Maybe I can find enough to bundle!?!? Please tag me in anything that you think would work!!
genifurh@akmantia For some reason it won't let me tag u on the skirt I found.. I only have the one.. Sorry... See my closet for any tips, dresses, pants, etc u may like. I also have a few more pairs of summer khaki capris if u r interested in those.. Just let me know and ill post those as well.. I'm posting the cover up now...
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