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Leidy's Closet


fashionbubs@jen_mar oh no this is not short like that to put it on I just slip over my head I don't even need to open the clasp. I can do for $75 if you ever interested
jen_marOk thanks a lot Hun that sounds good! @fashionbubs
sabrinalizzyHey girly! Would love to trade! Let me know ☺️
fashionbubs@sabrinalizzy hi, sorry love I don't trade. But thanks for offer
fashionbubs@feelfab_befab sorry not selling this item thru pp and this is my lowest is still brand new
feelfab_befabOkay, shipping is not my favorite on PM
fashionbubs@sherarace thank you for the host pick!!!!😊
ds11Love Steve Madden flats, great quality & very comfortable. Definitely recommend. Not my size :/
sammy720I was wondering if you'd like to trade. I have MK, VS, LV, uggs, Jordan's, toms, Steve Madden, northface. I don't have any listings because I'm on an old iPod with no camera. if your interested I could email you items.
fashionbubs@sammy720 hi thanks for offer, but I am sorry I don't trade
iamiringu dont want to sell ur wedge? :)
pocoyoHow much for this two that I like?? Is this one !
fifig23Oh wow. Lucky girl who get this. This is amazing. It looked gorgeous on you!
fifig23OMG!!!! I wanted a shitzu but my husband and I ended up getting out rescue puppy from out in Chicago from the most amazing rescue org and he is a half boston terrier/half dachshund. He is TINY and we love him like a child too. But I would still love a shitzu someday. Yours is precious!!!
pocoyoOk, can u hold them for me until Monday? It's my paid day please!!! =)
fashionbubs@pocoyo hi sorry just saw your tag about the shirts but if you still interested they still here available so let me know when you ready today I can no bundle together thanks 😉
0chel_001No prob hun❤ put host pick to the title of your item to increase your sale on this stuff of yours.
helina70I wear a 10 would these fit?
fashionbubs@helina70 they are very stretchy basically like leggings they should fit
fashionbubs@nevaeh_ hi yes she never reply so they are open for sale
urbanchicAwesome! Wish my feet were a bit bigger!
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